For the first time in nearly 11 years of WoW playing...

This picture may not mean much to most people. Everyone has an alt, right? But I have never had one, not really. This is the first time I have had a max level alt. EVER. Since I started playing in 2005, I have never had another toon at max level other than my main!

And no, I did not use my boost. I actually levelled! OK OK, I admit that I had help because HK came along on his mage and we just did the bonus zones with an Elixir of the Rapid Mind on board, which meant we levelled super quickly.

So what made me do it? Well, I guess it was because I watched Kyxyn and Crooked do their toons and they did it so quickly. I thought perhaps maybe I could do that! And, so I did! It didn't take long - we did it in 2 short evening stints - something I did with my new weekend time!

The big question I have been asked - what am I going to do with this new toon? Am I going to start my legendary ring? Am I going to raid?

There isn't much time left. I think if anything, I'll go do Ashran on her. Or maybe I'll go max my mining. Or maybe I'll just never play her again because there are still so many achievements and things I need on Navi before Legion comes :P


  1. Congrats Navi! I was never very big on alts until MoP, but then I tried multiboxing RaF and next thing I knew I had like 22 alts at high level. It's like a permanent elixir.

  2. Grats! That is an amazing feat for you navi!

  3. Yay alts!
    Terrific Trio?
    Double Agent?

  4. Geeze, one post it's bad-mouthing innocent, put upon warlocks, the next it's "I've leveled my warlock to 100!" ...

    Grats Nav ;-)

  5. Grats
    This is how habits form you know! :)


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