Twitching and Podcasting - things I'd not realised as a Blogger

I really enjoy writing. The good thing about writing is that there is the opportunity to correct what I've typed, if I make a mistake. Blog posts especially, about sensitive topics, often need re-reading and re-proofing before I hit the publish button, as I want to make sure I don't say anything offensive or that can upset people.

I had always viewed podcasters as people who were good speakers. I use so many ums and ahs, and I tend to speak tangentially a lot as something new catches my thoughts.  My mouth flies along at the breakneck speed at which I speak. I have a tendency to mumble and repeat myself, things that would not make a good podcaster. In game, I like speaking to people with the written word, in whispers, and it's funny that people like Neuro, who is a podcaster, loathes talking to me in typing, but would much rather speak to me on Discord. Kyxyn is the same. I am often a reluctant participant on the speaking part, because I often mumble to myself, I forget to push to talk, and I am also talking to other people around me as well as to the person on Discord so it can be a rather disjointed conversation on voice chat. I do agree that it is a more efficient method of communication!

Onward to Twitch. Now I thought Twitch was just for people to watch you - like some kind of Big Brother or Kardashian reality TV show thing where people could just see you playing a game and I thought that must be incredibly boring. I had never really thought that it was a way for people to interact with you, which is kinda cool! I don't really follow any Twitch streams and I had only made one so that my guildies could see what we were up to in raid. I thought it was odd that people were on webcams so people could see them - because I couldn't imagine doing that! I am already private enough that pictures of the real Navi are few and far between (and like guarded treasures!), and if I thought it was bad enough for people to be listening to my umms ahhs and farting on voice chat, imagine what it would be like as they watched me playing - I can't even pick my nose or make cranky faces without the whole internet seeing! But I think that if the Twitcher is interacting with people following their stream, chatting to them or even playing with them, that is kinda cool, it's also really engaging and it's no wonder that people keep coming back for more.

Then I thought for a bit - maybe I could start a small podcast. Would anyone listen? Does it really matter if anyone listened or not? The only thing that bugs me about podcasts is how LONG they are. I like listening but I kinda lose it after 30 minutes. If I had to do a podcast, I would make a short one. 20 minutes would be ideal! However, there are so many podcasts out there, why would anyone listen to one I would make?

Anyway, I am not sure what prompted that crazy idea, and it might be just an adventurous thought. After all, it's not like I don't have enough to do working full time, looking after 2 kids, raiding 4 nights a week, looking after chickens and my vegetable garden AND maintaining all my poor neglected blogs... where do I have time to do anything else??


  1. oooh *jumps up and down and claps hands* do make a podcast! Talk random.. anything. I will listen.
    I love the idea of a shorter one too. I do all of my podcast listening while I run and unless I'm on a really long run I either miss the end of the podcast or have to have 2 goes at listening :)

  2. Well, you already know how I feel :P


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