Minipost: Happy People and Sad People

Blizzcon Blizzcon Blizzcon....

It's just so exciting thinking about it, and people who are going for their first time are excited about it. I'm going for my 2nd time and excited about it, and even those going for their 8th time or so are still excited about it.

I am super pleased because Neri had been wanting to go and it looks like she and Disco are going to go. I was strongly encouraging her and off she went and got her plane ticket and she was so happy that it made me happy and I got that warm fuzzy feeling in the chest. You know that feeling. Like you made a difference? It's a nice feeling. Neri and I have been friends for ages and I'm happy to help her make that big decision - Blizzcon is not chump change when coming from Australia!

Then I was a bit sad when I logged on to WoW.

There are a lot of pet battlers in the guild. One of them loves to be helpful, and has constantly offered me help. I however, am a little bit proud and don't like accepting help when I can do it myself. I reluctantly handed over pets for him to level for me, but I really don't care about having all my pets levelled and being the person with the top pet battle score on the server. I just like to collect my pets.

And though he's a bit eccentric at times, I've always put up with him in good grace. Sure he can be nagging and overbearing like an old man sometimes (one time, he said to me that he would come up to me, shake my hand but not speak to me because he was so disappointed in me that I was not living up to my full pet potential), but I just take it in stride and tease him back, saying he's a big meany and big nag. Unfortunately, in the last time when he was nagging me, I said in guild chat that I hate him coz he's so mean to me, and he took it to heart and removed me from btag and left the guild.

I didn't want that to happen, and I didn't want to upset anyone. I'm actually a nice person! However, I can't help it that I give as good as I get, that I'm a blunt as a 100 year old axe and am very direct in all things that I say. Brutally honest, is how Aza describes me (tactless is the word Sev prefers), and of course, I treat people the same way they treat me (for the most part). I sent an apology, for offending him, and that's the best I can do really.