Blizzcon on NO budget - BTW what is the opposite of a Shoestring?

This is not one of those Blizzcon on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet style) type posts. This is me talking about how I get a bit excited and throw money around when I am determined to go to Blizzcon.

As I wrote about earlier, I had been trying to secure tickets and I was fortunate enough to get tickets thanks to HK constantly refreshing and spamming the broken Universe page when the Benefit tickets came up for sale.

It took an hour before it miraculously was fixed, and due to HK's persistence we got tickets. There were a few people that had given up, hoping that Blizzard would announce a new time to get tickets, but that didn't happen and some people missed out.

The money is going for a Orange County's Children's Hospital. I wonder if there will be any doctors there? There will probably be some hospital executives, but I think it would be nice to chat to one of the doctors - after all, I am a general paediatric anaesthetist as well, so I am happy to support a medical cause.

The good thing is, flights are cheaper than they were the last time I went. Flying return on QANTAS on an A380 (after flying American Airlines 4 years ago I am NEVER flying that again) cost just over $1000 return. Virgin Australia also has some tickets at a similar price, and the flight time is about 14 hours each way.

Then we have accommodation.

I stayed at the Red Lion last time - fantastic family hotel. I decided I would stay there again. NOT surprisingly, the rates are VERY PRICEY during Blizzcon nights, but relatively cheap the other nights. For the 3rd to the 5th of November, the cost per night was a whopping $582, whereas the other nights were $196, $181, and $150. That was a bit of a gouge! However, Shab is staying at Super 8 and he's staying for 4 nights for a total of under $700.

But the action is not just at Blizzcon - there are all the parties around Blizzcon as well! Wowhead has a party every year and they often have lots of raffle prizes and cool things to take pictures with. Last year it was at the Hilton. There are often a lot of famous people dropping in at the Wowhead party so it's good for people watching!

Con Before the Storm (which was formerly known as the World of Podcasts - that party was in my hotel in 2013) is a "party organised for fans by fans". Done in conjuction with Ask Mr Robot, the party had 4000 attendees last year! A lot of my podcast friends will be there - and of course a lot of my friends who follow those podcasts will be there, so this is the party I would like to attend. They currently have a Kickstarter crowdfunding set up with a ton of packages to choose from, some with some cool benefits. You don't even have to back one of the package amounts, you can even just give a small donation if you like! There is a pre-party that does require a paid ticket (Throwback Thursday Pre Party - and you have to wear an old school gamer T to be in theme) but you can get that with a $75 donation package and the party after is free entry.

For someone like me, who has community friends and contacts CBtS is great, but for the general player I think that the Wowhead party would be a lot more happening (but it is usually SUPER crowded! I wonder if that has changed over the last few years).

All these parties are free to enter, so don't feel shy, and just turn up and meet other Blizzard fans! I know I was a bit hesitant to speak last time, but I shall try my best to be less shy. I think there are other parties around - I believe there is a Twitter one but I'll see what else I can find.

Ultra, Aza and Exray got their tickets so they are thrilled to bits! Sev might be going as well if I can secure him a ticket, and he's going to share costs with Shab. Ultra, Az and Exray will be sharing accommodation so I'll have to find out where they are staying.
(Edit: They are staying at the Anaheim Majestic Garden hotel - which is a bit further away from the Convention centre but close to Disneyland)

That doesn't even cover places to eat! I am sure there are plenty of places to be eating, so I won't worry too much about that. However I will need to make plans for dinner with people who would like to catch up!

Oh, and there is one more thing. This time I'd like to give a little token to all my friends that I see at Blizzcon, and I thought I'd make some badges to give away. Last time people gave away stickers, magnets, business cards and the like, and I thought badges or pins to stick on your lanyard would be cool. It will be something that will be very Navimie I assure you! Anyway, it will be fun!

So here is the run down:
Wednesday: Land in LA.
Thursday: Go with Shab, Sev, Az, Ultra and Exray to get their tickets. Go to Con Before the Storm Throwback Thursday preparty, then go to the Benefit dinner. Meet up with friends afterwards.
Friday: BLIZZCON! Dinner with friends.
Saturday: Breaking bacon with Ceraphus and Xia, then MOAR BLIZZCON! Then more dinner with friends.
Sunday: Shopping and socialising
Monday: Depart

Will see how many people I can see in that time! After all, Blizzcon for me is only once every few years - and this year is a particularly baller one so I'm going to go all out this year. I am planning to go home with something from the charity auction!

But to all my readers, I hope you back the Con Before the Storm on Kickstarter for even a small amount - help make a great party, even if you can't be there! I promise I will take lots of pics and tell you all about it :)


  1. Having lived in California for years, I am probably eating mostly at In n Out Burger, because we have none out here in Florida. If you like a good basic burger, fries, and shakes, you can't beat them! Then again, they don't have Jack in the Box out here either, and I'm not going out of my way to dine there, no matter how much I love their sorry excuse for tacos :)

    Suppers are another thing, and I have no idea where or what is going on there. Gonna play that one by ear, I suppose. Hopefully I won't have pissed off so many people that I'll be eating alone. Good news there: Mrs Grimm could charm the pants off anyone, so I can ride her coattails! \o/

    Hoping muchly to see you there!

    1. Then you and I should break bread (or burger) sometime in thise few days :) I guarantee you I won't have pissed me off and that I will be just as (if not more) excited to meet you IRL.

      I want to try in-and-out I have heard good things!


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