Timewalking raids - viable or not?

If you look at all the great content that Blizzard has released with previous expansions, it seems wasteful that we don't get to go and do it again. I think that's why they made timewalking dungeons because then you can do the 5 man content from previous expansions (and they don't have to make new ones).

Some of those dungeons were really cool. Though Pit of Saron was a real pain in the ass to do Timewalking during the WotLK event, we had to really dredge through our long term memory to remind ourselves how to do that dungeon.

But what about all those old raids? There are some great bosses in there and fights. Don't they deserve a bit of love too?

Kyxyn was talking about it and it made me think about it. If Blizzard wanted to implement timewalking raids, how would they do that?

I would have to assume they would be like LFR. It has to be open to everyone, just like LFR is. It also would have to be a more than just a walk in and ignore everything, but not so hard that people would get discouraged and turned off, especially if they were newish to the game. Kyxyn disagreed. He thought they should be at normal difficulty, to add some amount of challenge to it. However, Kyxyn doesn't really think like a really casual player, and the fight needs to be easy to learn, if you put yourself into the shoes of a solo, non raiding player.

Gear should be scaled for those timewalking raids like they are for timewalking dungeons. Though I have to say the current method of gear scaling seems to work fine. That unlimited mana pool is rather awesome :P

Then I thought about the timesink.

The good thing about the current timewalking setup is that it's 4 or 5 dungeons or battlegrounds over a week. That means you can do one for 20-30 mins and take a break. You can't expect people to do a raid that's 2 hours long, nobody would do it. So you'd have to break that up as well. It could be how they do LFR now - with wings. And then they could be random wings, not have to do every part of the raid. Naxxrammas is a good example - you could queue random timewalking raid and get Plague wing twice and Construct wing twice.

One thing about raiding is the quality of people you get in there. I don't mind teaching a raid if people are willing to learn. And there may be people there who have no idea how to do the raid but would like to learn. There are also those who don't care and just want to get it done. If you had a dropbox (a bit like how you blacklist certain battlegrounds in your random battleground selection) where you could choose a role or type of LFR you go into, that might make it easier to pair people together. The choices could be:
 - Experienced: Strong knowledge of raid and mechanics and looking for similar people
 - Beginner: Basic knowledge of raid, but could use guidance
 - Novice: No knowledge of raid or mechanics
 - Guide: Strong knowledge of raid and mechanics and willing to help beginners and novices

The default could be experienced, and they would only pool experienced people together. The other three could be grouped together but there would need to be at least 2 guides in a raid, I think. Could be longer queues, but it may have a better experience for those who are willing to give it a go, and for those of us who like to help. I could imagine grouping with my guildies and going as guides, and then hopefully leading a group so it would go smoothly and everyone would have a nice experience.

I can see the naysayers saying doing this is just an excuse for Blizzard not to make new content. But it's not about that. Recycling is good for the environment - and old content shouldn't go to waste. Yes it's just digital and it doesn't contribute to greenhouse gases or depleting finite resources, but if I had done some really good work years ago, and the stuff is still playable, then I'd really like everyone to use it and see it and appreciate it all over again and give it a second life.


  1. Considering when I played WoW I used to hang out in the BC and WotLK 5-mans (even during Mists), I can appreciate this.


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