Raiding - Will Mythic Blackhand break the casual people?

We are down to our last boss in Mythic Blackrock Foundry!

I watched Method's first kill, and it's so amazing when you watch the co-ordination and team work that they put into their videos and kill. I think about when we did Heroic Blackhand and people were all over the place, but as expected from the guild that got the first Mythic Blackhand kill, their execution was beautiful.

I look at their guys placing their Marked for Death's perfectly spaced next to one another in the final phase - like a dance!

So we managed to get 16 guildies on!

Kyxyn, Aimei, Sevrus, Navimie, Crooked, Cptsars, Lushen, Taxar, McTacky, Ultra, Deidrea, Rag, Splatzor, Mauve, Danleet, Koda. We also had Peggy, Ang and Brambling/Poshkin helping as well. Kael joined us a bit late, and then Splatz had to go so we dragged Sonu along.

Mythic Blackhand is a little bit much, I think, for a fun run night. I asked Ang what it was like and he said "it's like LFR" and I was rather dubious - I had watched the video, there seemed to be a lot of coordination going on and a ton of fire!! He had done it with his mythic alliance guild and they had a hell of a lot more higher geared players (and also those whose raid awareness was a bit better also) and that probably helped a lot - more brute force and ignore some mechanics.

However, we had to do mechanics. It was difficult when not everyone was on Discord. I think we will have to tell people that they must be on Discord or we can't bring them. Trying to tell people where to go is a pain in the bum when they're not listening!

The usual thing with everyone stepping on the bombs was a pain.  Then we had issues with people being marked for death running behind the tanks and not knowing that you had to run behind a stick pile. Then people were getting hit by Marked for Death because they were standing in the way!

I was doing LOL DPS as boomkin because we had quite a few healers, and I was supposed to get up onto the balcony. Yeah, that was a bit of an issues. If I wasn't dead, I missed the knock up, and then if I did get up, I was unable to get back up again because I was getting Marked for Death all the time!

We did make it to the final phase once, and of course we forgot we had to soak something and that ended up with fire piles EVERYWHERE. And everyone ran their bombs and Marked for Death all over the place.

My computer cracked a nut and decided to do updates in the middle of raid. That was a bit crap. I couldn't play for about 20 minutes.

I think that people would like to do Mythic Blackhand again next week, and I certainly hope we have the guildies available to do it. People may be turned off by how hard it is, but it's not going to be easy! I for one am enjoying trying to get it right, but that's me - and I know it would be a nice thing to finish off before Legion hits.