Raiding - So Kilrogg is easier on Mythic than Council, right?

So we managed to do two weeks with two days a week raiding. It was nice that on our second attempt at Council for the evening, we got a kill. It was a crappy messy kill at the end, but it went very well until that part!

Raid team selection is becoming an issue. Deidria wanted to come but since it was his first mythic, I thought it would be a bit harsh to be dragging him into our progress mythics - he should just come to our farm mythics.  I'll see what he's like tonight - Yuuda won't be on tonight, and neither will Dan, so it's just as well that we aren't extending the raid to do Kilrogg.

We had a fair few goes at Kilrogg but we still had issues with trying to get the adds down fast enough. We also did the raid backwards to how we normally do it - apparently it was so the melee could help DPS some of the adds down as well - though we have very few melee but we have a ton of ranged.

Healing was struggling by the time it was my turn to go into the zone, perhaps I just needed better use of my cooldowns. However, I thought I was supposed to save it till after I come out of the zone with my enhanced healing and cleansing abilities.

However, I am wondering if two days a week is too much. Because we are doing 2 days a week, we are reluctant to extend on the following Wednesday, which we would be more likely to do if we did a 3 day per 2 week cycle. We might make more progress then. But now, we have to start again and reclear.

I've been amused with the reasons people have that makes them unable to raid. Obviously, I understand that real life has an impact on your playtime, but for someone like me, who works 730-6pm 4 days a week (plus 30-40 min travel time each way), has two children and a number of animal pets to look after... it's just lucky that I don't need as much sleep as some other people because I can happily play from 9pm till midnight, no dramas. And that's after getting doing homework with the kids, getting them into bed. I usually roll my eyes at Sev who used to whinge about having to leave the house at 9am, or Rag when he says he's so tired after work. But I guess the difference between them and me is that I really LOVE this game, and it's part of my daily routine, whereas for others it's just another computer game! And I get that. I just wish that I could find more people like me who love to play this game (like Crooked and Tacky) because they get excited about some of little things in game just like me!

Anyway, it's raid time soon. I'd better go and see who is ready to raid today.