Raiding - Our first success at a 2 day a week Mythic raid

We didn't get much interest in a second mythic day last week, but this week we managed to scrape just enough people to raid. I was happy. A whole do to work on council properly!

People tell you how easy it is, but it's never really easy till you do it.

We were having issues with a few things. Positioning was the big thing. Where do you put the ranged group that gets those bloodboil stacks and then we have to swap, and how far away do you put them?

Then there were the reaps. People were dying to reap. One of the problems was that one set of healers would be far away because it was their turn to get bloodboils and then the reap people were out of range.

Also, we hadn't quite worked out our cooldowns for Jubei'thos' multiple spinning copies. I was so busy trying to heal up people for reap that we didn't weren't using them for the spinning phase.

And then there were ghosts. I was hopeless at avoiding them, as I was smooched up against the wall but I wasn't the only one dying to ghosts.

So we changed it up a bit. We moved to the middle, which meant I could reach all the reaps. We saved our healer cooldowns for the mirror images, and then we ran into the corner when ghosts came, because apparently it's "safe" there. We had a 1% wipe where Kyxyn was on his own solo-ing Dia, but that didn't last as long as we hoped! But on our last attempt of the night we got our kill!

Poor Sars had been dragged along as the 5th healer. I might have forgottten to mention we were doing mythic (and he was surprised and shocked that he came) but he got his first mythic kill so that's good for Mondays. Just need to get him geared up now.

So our attendees were:
Tanks: Aimei, Kyxyn
Healers: Bish, Navi, Angry, Rag, Cptsars
DPS: Sev, Aza, Ctwin, Ultra, Reyuk, Danleet, Celaena, Sonuku, Nez, Lushen, Anghelz, Crooked, Peggysui

Now that we have the positioning right, it shouldn't take that long again to get the fight down. Though, I have to admit that it's a really good fight for druid healers. But mana was a bit of a commodity!

Well done Frostwolves and Onineko!


  1. Oh, you actually got a screenshot.
    Pity you cant see the stage and confirm the kill.

    1. Sometimes, Sonu says amazingly clever things.

  2. Dia's corpse tho?

    Strategic photo taking SUCCESS!

    1. Everyone's so busy PIG PILING I can't get them off the damn corpse but the name is there!

  3. Gratz!
    I agree, this fight isn't easy, especially on the healers. Bit of a breather on Kil'rogg though, seems to be much easier

    For Bloodboil stacks, we just have people move out literally a yard or two. We don't even bother with actual rotating groups, we all stack and people just move out a bit if they see nobody out there.

    1. That's good to know Wes! That would make it heaps easier on heals. I have noticed a lot of people 4 heal it, so maybe we could do that as well if we stack up closer.

  4. You were being smooched up against the wall? By ghosts? Did they at least look like Kurt Russell? Man, things sure have changed since I last played. :P


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