Raiding and Navispam - With a special visit from Cinder!

I was in two minds about raid on Wednesday - I will go into that in a separate post - but we ended up doing Heroic HFC Manny and Archie (and having one of our cleanest Archi's in AGES).

I had a few friends that I brought along - and most people didn't know any better because they were all from Barthilas.

From Nostalgic I had Anna and Gal come along (they were going away on Saturday so they couldn't do Heroic Archi with their guild). And Cinderstorm had been on the forums (and writing on her blog) about looking for an alliance guild, so I decided to ask her to come along and hang out with us until she found a new alliance guild to join.

Cinderstorm is Cinder from Twitter, who also blogs at Cinder Says, and also cohosts the podcasts Reins of Azeroth and Battletagged! Interestingly I know Cinder through Zeirah, as they are long time guildies and friends.

Her partner, Thor, was a little undergeared for Archi, so he was happy to drop, but we got him straight back for the lower level. We cleared the bottom floor (including Gorefiend) and everyone seemed to have fun! Crooked even tanked on his DK with Peggy for the bottom floor! And I even got to play DPS for a bit. I admit I was skeptical with a whole bunch of alts doing things like Kilrogg and Gorefiend but it turned out OK and we finished at 11pm exactly. The other good thing was that most of the loot was taken. That makes my shard collection sad but at least people are getting stuff, which is good!

And all that time I forgot to take pics with Cinder. At the end I remembered so I had to tell my guildies to wait a few minutes on that mythic dungeon heal so I could hightail back to garrison to grab my Navispam pic.

Navi: "Hey Cinder, can I take a pic with you in your garrison?"
Cinder: "Sure thing Navi!"
And THEN Cinder posts a pic of us on Twitter and to my mortification I have the WRONG TITLE ON!

That'll teach me to go wandering around with my named turned off...

Thanks Cinder for a great night, I hope you can come again a few more times before your new guild calls you! And to you too Thor, it was a pleasure to have you both!