PvP - Warmongering Conquest

So now I can take it easy. I've gotten all my achievements for Warlords season 3 since I managed to get my Warmongering Conquest today.

Tonight we did a few arenas, and I think I must have been playing poorly. We lost a lot of games (though we were in higher arena bracket) but that doesn't make me feel any better! Crooked at least got past the 50 games won mark, and he is really hoping to get 1550. However, with last night's track record.. bleh! :D

We still haven't managed to get a guild group together for Fight, Kill, Salute! Aza was on and he said Friday night was good, but Taxar wasn't on, nor was Tyefoods (though Splatz was), and Cel is not feeling well so she hasn't been doing any group activities this week. Kyxyn was on later (usually he watches TV with the family), Tacky was on as was Crooked, myself and Sev, so perhaps I should start up a group finder to see if we can get other interested parties along.

I have been trying to play Boomkin more (especially in Ashran) so I can practice and also get some Bloody coins.  The other day I managed to get 100 and I was excited about that, however Crooky informed me that the achievement goes on to 2000.... (!!)

I need to work on my battleground achievements - I only just finished Silvershard Mines a few weeks ago. To think after all these years I am STILL not exalted with Warsong!

I can see a long frustrating road ahead!