Powermonger Gold at last

I have been struggling to do Powermonger Gold for months. It might have been almost half a year!

I had watched how-to videos so many times, and I haven't been successful. I have to admit I wasn't trying very hard, but I would get frustrated easily and then put it off till the next day or next DMF.

This month, I gave it a try and as usual I bombed out at 12 tolls (you need 11 tolls to get the achievement). I have gotten 12 tolls multiple times and I just felt like I wasn't achieving anything so I gave up again.

Crooked got on and said he would come with me and do it with me (he already had it) and said that when he did it, Tacky and he were doing it together and they got their achievement that way.

Wonderful! I was going to have a witness to my ineptitude and clumsiness! But moral support is moral support. I did wonder if he would make the whole process more humiliating because he would get within 11 tolls on his first attempt on it after having not done it for months. But, as humiliating as that would be, I am sure Crooky would walk me through each step of it to help me get my achievement, so that would be a good thing.

So he tried it and got 14 tolls. Then he did 12 tolls. I wasn't there at first, but when he told me he was at Darkmoon Faire, I thought I should go since he's making the effort to help me. And I might be able to get it.

Whilst he was still attempting to do it, I thought I would try NOT getting any jumping bonuses and just go straight for all speed ones, since I had been fixated with trying to use the jumping ones and NOT hit a tree, yet I still hit the tree each attempt.

My first full speed one was another 12 tolls, but I had actually made a mistake and got caught going through an electric fence and that made me go slow. So I tried it again, and this time....

Bang! I got the achievement!

Crooky said that I got it without him even helping, but it was actually his moral support that helped me do it. If he hadn't been there I wouldn't have tried it again, which means I wouldn't have gotten the achievement. So he really did help me get it. Yay! Thanks Crooky! I have such great friends and guildies :D