Guildleader Chores - Watching everyone moving guilds is depressing

Not something I have to worry about in my own guild at present but it just feels in the last week everyone is sad and moving around.

I mentioned before that Sonuku from Onineko moved to Tyrants, which is a 13/13M guild on Barthilas. That obviously meant one person we counted on to raid was removed.

Anghelz, the rogue from Onineko is soon to follow suit, I think. I know he is keen to raid, and we don't provide that in the capacity he would be interested in. Seeing Sonu leaving probably would push him to go play somewhere else also. That would be a second person that we normally counted on to raid disappearing.

It was nice that Cinder and Thor/Grimgash came along and bulked up numbers - having competent raiders with raid awareness is so nice on a casual alt raiding night! However, the reason I got in touch with Cinder in the first place was because I was perusing the forums and came across her post looking for an Alliance guild. I did see it on her blog also, as she was a mythic raider who landed up in a nice guild that didn't want to progress beyond Heroic, and it made her a little sad. And also she likes alliance. "If you like the Camelot style of stories, Alliance is for you," she wrote last weekend.

Zeirah had a response of her own after that, as she and Cinder have been friends and guildies for years. Sometimes I envy people that they have the choice to be able to do that, but the envy is only fleeting. I like routine and consistency. I feel comfortable and safe where I am. My guild is familiar, they are family, and even though I may want more, I am happy to stay with everyone because raiding is not the game breaker for me. Mythic cross realm means that me and my guildies can PuG mythics if anyone is starting them. In fact, we could use group finder but everyone has been really against that. There may be a lot of bad eggs in group finder but there are also a couple of gems that you can find in there too, and they might be just what we are looking for.

There is also a bit of drama in another guild on another server whose guild leader is a friend of mine. There has been some tension and the raid team may break up. I think that one of their officers can be rather abrasive. Interestingly, someone from that guild approached me via my forum post and asked about pugging mythic with us and I said that I haven't got enough people yet - just needed a few more. Told him next week is a possibility.

Well, at least one person read my forum post ;)

In the meantime, I might consider doing some raiding on Sunday. We'll see if anyone needs a resto druid. And maybe we will get to do mythic again next week. Here's hoping!


  1. I like routine and consistency too - that's what has made this such a difficult decision to move on. Because I also really love the people in my guild. It's like a right person wrong place/time situation. We wall want different things and that's fair enough. It just means a new home is in order. Which is proving far more difficult that I would have liked.

    I'm so glad we could join you guys for raiding! We had a blast :)

    1. Well, think of it this way - you get your feet wet with some simple raiding and then you will be all warmed up for your trials! And of course, Thor will be better geared so he looks even more amazing when you guys go trial for a guild. I get to have some numbers boosted, we make some new friends - it's win win for everyone! :D

  2. I'm glad Cinder and Thor joined you for a raid :) I love when friends join friends, it always makes it feel like a cozy circle :)

  3. first world problems...

    WTB a "real job" then "protected raiding time"


    1. LOL, that's up to you to negotiate that Ksret! I have my protected raid time... and a real job :D


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