Guildleader chores - Reduced to Forum Posting! Egads!

With the decline in raiding this week, I have been thinking about what direction I want to go from here.

It's not a unilateral decision of course. I have enough friends across servers that I could be pugged in if needed as a healer if required, but I don't want to be doing mythics on my own unless EVERY raider said they didn't want to play or raid anymore. And as a guild leader, the guild looks to me and the officers for direction. If the officers give up, then the guild starts to give up. But I am always reliably on (except for Tuesdays) so there is always the knowledge that I haven't given up on my guild, nor have I given up hope.

It's not like we are the only guild in the same situation. Mythic guilds are recruiting non stop. They are welcome to all the guild hoppers who are looking for greener pastures. I am not looking for someone like that. What we would love are just regular people turning up to raid, and if they come from another guild or server and are loyal to their own guild and don't want to leave - even better! Guild loyalty is a quality I greatly admire, and if someone is happy to help out because their guild isn't raiding, but wants to be available for them as soon as they start mythic, then I can totally understand that.

But WHERE do you find these people?

We had a discussion last night at the start of raid when we had a really poor turnout. What are we going to do, what would the raiders like to do.

We aren't going to stop raiding. It's something our guild loves to do together as a bunch of friends, but what capacity of raiding are we going to do? Are we just going to do Heroic HFC alt raids? Are we going to recruit? Are we going to team up with another guild again?

Peggy said why don't you make a forum post? Well, I'll tell you why, I hate making forum posts. It feels so impersonal, and to be honest, the last time I made a forum post I did get one choice person - Morz! But I have been avoiding it because I don't really like putting my name and guild out there - I really like the personal touch and looking at a person as a whole, rather than just a number or a raider. 

Besides, I doubt anyone would respond to my request - if people were happy with their guilds they wouldn't be out looking for a new guild. I had been hanging around in Nostalgic and a few of their players had pugged for us before. However, they are now foraying into mythic so I can no longer ask them to fill for us. And where does that leave us?

One person had a few friends that they thought they might ask. However, I think the reality is that he would go and help THEM rather than us.

So in the end we decided to do alt Heroic HFC and my version of alt Heroic HFC was to DPS. It's good practice for me and I get to try something I'm not always doing and I also get to try to improve myself. Of course, gear carries me a long way but I'm starting to get the hang of it. However, I do admit that I was tunnelling a bit and Koda mentioned rather pointedly that Voe and I were standing next to a swirly hole during Gorefiend's trash and neither of us thought to step into it. Oops.

However, despite being half an hour late, we managed to do the first 6 bosses on lower floor. Previously we had struggled getting even Kilrogg with alt groups! But, it was actually kinda fun, and I even got to DPS in the banish zone of Kilrogg (which was scary!).

I would have liked to finish Mythic before the Legion dropped. We had finished all raids just before a new xpac in the last few xpacs (Lich King, Cataclysm, Pandaria) and it will be a bit disappointing that we haven't done it this time around. Should I go PuG it? It doesn't feel right to me, because my loyalty is to my guild. What they do, I do. It's ok for others to go PuG it, I think, but I should set an example and show that I wouldn't abandon anyone and keep myself available for anything that we do as a guild. Sometimes being a guild leader is not about I want, but to be there for everyone else. I think if a guild leader loses interest, then so does everyone else. Let's see how things go this week!