A week of no raiding means we do other things

4 short for Mythic. With Cel tired and unwell, Rey now stepping down from fulltime raiding because he is tired from work, Yuuda at his mum's birthday, Dan at a family thing, Rag celebrating his own birthday and CT having some email disputes we were short.

So we ended up doing heroic Archimonde with a bunch of alts and carrying Splatz and Tye. I wished Luxy was there but she is not available at present, and we actually managed to kill Archi which was great.

However, after that we killed Xhul then couldn't get Socrethar! Bloody Soc is such a pain in the ass. Firstly neither Kyxyn nor Peggy liked doing the construct. And then after a few wipes we decided to one tank and have anyone jump into the construct. Ultra had a go, and then didn't do it very well and we wiped. By now I was asking HK to get into the construct and he reluctantly said he would. I said in officer "Yay now you can show these idiots how it's done."

Xyn said in officer "Navi, are you calling me an idiot?"


"I guess I am," I replied. "Sorry!"

But that wasn't the end of it.

"Ultra," said Xyn, "You wouldn't believe what Navi just said."

"HEY!" I exclaimed. "That's private OFFICER chat!"

Xyn kept talking. "Navi said to HK, now you can show these IDIOTS how the constructs done."

"Awwww!" said Ultra, in that sad whiny voice that always makes me feel bad. "But, I was TRYING and I said sorry..."

Needless to say we still didn't get it, much to Angry's disgust. He really wanted the trinket from there. At the end of the raid, Ultra said "I'm going now to have dinner and play with my Gundam. At least that's a robot I know how to play."

Which made me laugh out loud.

So Wednesday was a bust. Do you think Thursday we had any interest for Blackhand?

Only 13 people showed up. We called the raid then split into our different favoured activities - a group went off and did Mythic dungeons whilst the rest of us went to arena and skirmish.

There was a DK/warrior/paladin group that were damn excellent - undergeared but smashed us every time. It was painful and embarrassing. We at least got our conquest done (and also I noticed they fixed the conquest reward - now they reward you the 500 and it doesn't show that it counts towards your weekly conquest cap). I felt bad because I let Crooked die a lot as a hunter and I copped a big lecture because I wasn't listening to him. After that we actually won a few more games and then did a BG to wind down afterwards (which thankfully, we won!).

So, will anything happen on Monday? Who knows? If it does, I'll be ready. If it doesn't, I have achievements to chase!


  1. Oooooh, awkies! Hopefully things pick up next week :)


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