Raiding - Last wing of Mythic BRF done

We just had the Slagworks wing of Blackrock Foundry left to clear on Mythic and we were worrying about Blast Furnace. Gruul and Oregorger didn't seem to be too much hassle, but for Blast Furnace we needed priests in the raid to mind control Security Guards and use their Slay Elemental ability so we could get the Slag Elementals down. Fortunately we had Bish to save the day!

Gruul had these extra balls flying through the raid - the damage was trivial, and it wasn't hard to heal through, so that went down pretty easily.

Oregorger would make trails of fire when he hit the wall, so that was a bit different, however, it was an easily overgeared fight also.

We were a little short on numbers so I asked a couple from Nostalgic to come fill for Blast Furnace. The time to drop bombs to close the doors was really short, but Bish did a brilliant job mind controlling those Security guards and we killed the Elementals. We were doing the final phase and it felt like people had forgotten how and where to drop their Melt and it was getting rather messy. High gear helps so we basically brute forced our way through it and got it done. It was actually a lot easier than we thought!

So it will be another 2 weeks before we go into BRF again, and I we will only do it when we have 16 guildies online so we can get the guild achievement. Wish us luck!