PvP: I might have waited too long for them to hotfix Vicious Saddle

I got my 100 3v3 Arena wins on Saturday night and I thought ok cool, I can send my Vicious saddle to the alliance side and ride around on a different mount for a bit.

No longer.

Before, you could get the mount, and send it to your opposing faction toon and it would convert into the equivalent mount for the opposing faction. Like getting a wolf on Horde side would turn into a war steed on Alliance side.

Since there were no new mounts in Warlords Season 3 it looks like I am stuck with an extra saddle! I suppose that means I can skip a season's 100 wins but that doesn't mean I want to - I'm going to be doing it anyway, so why not get the achievement points?

I suppose I can just save it up and give them to my other toons for the mounts to ride around. But dayum! I should have sent one of my previous ones away! But who knew that they were going to bring out a season with no mount, right?

But, I am happy to say that I have my warlock/mage mojo back. I was not enjoying arenas for a bit, but now I am again. I feel like I'm playing better, Sev's not screaming no CC at us anymore (though on Saturday he did scream at Shab because his target got polymorphed).

We had a bit of an audience on Saturday much to everyone's amusement - they were talking in guild chat about us but I was so focussed on our game that I didn't see what they were saying. Mostly just jokes trying to guess the next expletive that would erupt from my mouth, but it was a very tense game! Fortunately, we won that game, so it was all good.

I need to help Crooked get his games up. I should be more persistent with nagging and drag him to finish the 100 wins for his mount, since this is a good time to catch up with those mounts.


  1. >I was not enjoying arenas for a bit

    because you were playing with me? :p

    1. No, because Sev wouldn't let me CC and it was struggly. I like CCing.


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