Navi the reluctant Pet Brawler finally gets her Stunted Direhorn

The pet battle queue is so long these days, that I find myself sitting there not finding anyone to PvP pet battle with. Admittedly, the casual player would be turned off pet battles in PvP because teams with Graves seem to dominate the pet PvP scene. Me included.

Enter Tacky and Crooked.

Now we had tried to cheese fights before by queueing pet battles and then forfeiting for a win for our friends, and then battling the unknown real challengers when we got them in between. However, we did notice after a while that we NEVER got to battle certain people.

Tacky (or was it Crooked) had this theory about pet battle groups - maybe they gave you a number and you only got to pet battle others with the same number. It didn't seem to be btag related (which is what I thought at first) because I could still battle my friends on their SECOND accounts, but not on their main accounts.

But in the middle of my archaeology and pet battles, Tacky and Crooked managed to help me get my pet battles done., as I battled both of their 2nd accounts.

I've been running Graves, Lil' Tarecgosa and Dread Hatchling, which is a nice combination but annoying to everyone else.

Finally got that last elusive pet! Stunted Direhorn is mine!

So that puts me at a whopping 752 unique pets. The maximum you could possibly get is 756. I'm pretty sure I am up there for Oceanic realms, but phew, so many pets still to level!

My next pet goal is to get my Garrison monument for 2000 pet battles in Draenor. I am not even quite halfway there yet - but there is still a lot of time before Legion :)


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