Minipost - Raiding: You CAN do Fel Lord with all melee!

An amazing thing happened last week when we did heroic HFC.

I don't know why we have such a paucity of ranged DPS. It seems that everyone is melee and that there are very few ranged. However, it's a great opportunity for me to practice DPS as ranged, as long as we have enough healers.

We did the lower level easily enough, even Gorefiend, and then we decided we'd go and do Fel Lord, because that was the only thing that we could do with the group we had. We probably could do Iskar, but Iskar is so hit and miss sometimes that I don't know it's worth the pain.

But, we struggled on Fel Lord, and it was getting frustrating. We wiped multiple times. But on the last attempt for the night, we had most of us die with 12 million left to go or so, and only the tanks up and one other person. HK died shortly after, and then Kyxyn managed to solo the rest of the fight and we cheered him on! It was unbelievable, and I have to admit that I was a bit awed by that. So you really can do Fel Lord with a full melee group!