When did they take "Show me your Moves" out of the "Glory of the Pandarian raider"?

Sars told me earlier this week that "Show Me Your Moves" had been removed from the Glory of the Pandarian raider achievement. That achievement is the bane of most people, because it's so hard and you have to do it in a group of 10.

So it turns out I actually have completed it now, and I have a mount to show (even though I am missing one).

According to the date, I finished it in 2013! I might have finished all the others around then.

So this is the mount - the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent. Reminds me of Rudolph, with his face so bright, won't you guide my way tonight!

Our goal tonight was to get the Ashes, Ashes... achievement from Blackhand.

Ashes, Ashes... - Blackhand
Defeat Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry after catching 20 Falling Ashes on Normal difficulty or higher.
This achievement looked tricky. Falling ashes are only found in Phase 3, falling out of the sky slowly around the edges of Blackhand's crumbling platform. I had never noticed them before, and there were a lot of theories about how the achievement should be done. I had a picture of it below.

So you can see from the picture they fall at the edge. Most people describe their success with stacking the whole group at an edge - it has often be found that if one ash falls on one person, everyone else around gets it as well. It's not very reliable, because people describe needing to be all the same height for everyone to get the ash to count.

I can see why they say you have better success with more people. The more people standing there, the faster you collect ashes.

We had two healers with the tanks who did their best to keep them alive as they got punted all over the place. One handy thing to know was that if the tank had agro, and got booted off the platform, they were ported back up to the platform again (unlike everyone else who falls off to their death). It was mostly making sure everyone else didn't get shot off the platform or get everyone else shot off with them.

We tried a few different things - copying Gamon's appearance so that everyone would be the same height. That didn't work so well. Then they tried copying Crooked's appearance since he was tall but that didn't seem to work either (as Crooked got the ashes but nobody else in the bunch did). In the end they all copied someone who wasn't in the bunch - Aimei - so everyone was a short panda - and we had a lot more success with that. We managed to get 20 ashes but then failed to kill Blackhand, and that at least rallied us, knowing we could get the ashes, and a few goes later we did.

Now it was a bit dark, but perhaps that's best. This mount (Gorestrider Gronnling is really ugly in my opinion). The less you see of it the better. It's the reward of Glory of the Draenor Raider.

So that was great! More achievements! Good work Frostwolves :D


  1. They changed it last week. And I am glad. I hated that and never got it. I could do it on my tank, sometimes, but on a melee or ranged, I sucked at it. I guess as a tank it is just easier to see the way he was moving, for me at least.

    Congrats on your achievement. I have not even started trying to get this expansions achievements. I have a hard enough time getting people to show up for regular raids never the less achievement runs. lol

    1. Well at least now I know - I thought maybe it was a patch ago and I didn't realise. I haven't tried the achievement but I shall have to attempt it some time with the real hard core achievement chasers so I can cross it off my list.

      The achievements this expansion aren't too bad - they are easier than the Pandarian ones I think. Now that we overgear it, you can struggle on it for longer without dying and with less people if you have maybe 7 or 8 turning up for raid (on normal that is)

  2. They also took out Holding Hands (Dragon soul boss #4 in the Eye of Eternity subzone) achievement from the Dragon Soul Meta-achievement.

    1. But that achievement is such a cool achievement!


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