Valour for Fel Crystals - as it it wasn't already hard enough to get people to turn up for Archimonde

So I saw this on MMO champion today.

Well. If people didn't already not want to raid, they now have even more reason not to.

However, I have to say that 1250 valour is a lot of valour. It's probably an appropriate amount of valour. I struggle to even upgrade all my resto stuff, whereas most people could probably do that in 2 weeks. It would be easier to do an Archimonde than to do 3 mythic dungeons, two random heroic dungeons and one LFR. If you did all the valour activities you could get 3 upgrades in a week.

I think that it's a good way to get your second ring upgraded. I suppose it would be good for those who can't get Archimonde, but it's a lot of work.  I suppose that for those who can't raid, then it's a decent way for them to upgrade their ring.

Unfortunately there is so much angst on the forums about it. People whinging they might as well give mythic warforged stuff to everyone since anyone can upgrade now. It's the end of the expansion! Geez, most raiders would have fully upgraded their rings already.

It's good for people like Xyn, who have extra valour lying around because he likes helping out in Mythic dungeons. I'm just glad there is something he can use it on. Another good thing is that there will be lots of people out there now wanting to do dungeons and LFR. Breathe more life into the remaining content for those completionists.

We'll see what happens at raid next week. See how much it's dropped off. Hopefully we'll still have enough to keep it going.