Raiding - Turning to OpenRaid to fill our mythic quota

After the meetup some of the guys who had been reluctant to raid said that they would like to come to some mythic, so I thought that sounded positive. A bigger pool of players! How exciting.

On the OTHER hand, some of the members of Onineko were feeling a little blue-balled because 2 hours of mythic wasn't enough and they would like to do more. Obviously I have no issue with doing more, but it's hard to drum up enthusiasm for one night in our guild, how hard is it going to be to get TWO?  A few of the Onineko players had lost interest in doing Mythic already and as a guild they decided to go play some other games to pass away the time till Legion.

It was time for plan B - which was to try OpenRaid as a solution.

It had been discussed already, but after hearing that we decided to get onto it right away. We had 2 days notice and so we put an event onto OpenRaid.

However, it's a bit confusing because the times are all weird unless you login. We had a few signups and none were oceanic raiders.

When the time came, only one of them was online! We took them, and just as well - we managed to fill the raid with 20 people, with only one person from Open Raid.

The PuG, Mucholoco, was actually really great. He had everything ready to go, including Discord and Exorsus, but he didn't speak at all - I suspect because he was from a non-English speaking background, as he was from a Latin American server.

Hellfire Assault was uglier than normal, but Iron reaver was heaps BETTER than normal. We got both of them down and got to Kormrok halfway through the raid, and then started the Exorsus fun as we tried to figure out how to use the addon. I admit that I hadn't known why we had the addon, just that it was needed for Kormrok.

And, after doing Kormrok, now I know WHY.

See these swirly things? Well if you don't stand in the swirly then residue will be on the ground and cause you damage when you stand on it. If you stand in the swirly the residue only splashes on you and none on the ground. Here is what the ground looks like if you DON'T soak your swirlies.

Exorsus raid tools gives you this grid so you can assign players to go stand in certain pools. Every player in the raid has to have they know where the pool is.

You get a little arrow that tells you where to go when the time comes with distance and it goes from red to yellow to green the closer you get.

We probably spent 20 minutes going "I can't see my arrow", "How do I turn on the arrow?" and we had some small set backs, like when CTwin decided to clear all the assignment Kyxyn had set up, and when nobody except Sevrus realised that he wasn't assigned a position. However, after the first fail attempt, everyone got the hang of it (and it helped that we go to the same spot all the time) and we did really well on our first night on Kormrok (though everyone says it's quite easy).

Duck and Anghelz were running around doing runes, but Duck doesn't seem to look at his health and so he died way more than Ang. However, once they had a healer it was heaps better.

We did have some really good attempts and I think we will kill it next week.

Then we had the discussion of extend or start again? We had enough for our mythic cache, so people thought we should extend. There were the hunters who still needed something from the Iron reaver so they wanted to start again. We were going to extend but really, we would only get one new boss kill next week so we might as well do the first two again (since it seems like we're going a lot better with it now) and get that Kormrok kill now that we know what's going on.

So OpenRaid didn't really provide much for us except one player who was a great addition to the raid. I think that if we are still struggling for numbers, we can try putting it into Group Finder in game and see what we get much luck that way.