Raiding - Ooh, first Mythic Tier!

Last week we did so well on Kormrok that we were pretty sure it was going to go down on Wednesday.

And we weren't wrong.

Interest is picking up for mythic, with a huge show of people from the Frostwolves side - so much so that we didn't have room for everyone from Onineko. There were 15 who showed up!

Xyn and HK of course, and Bish, Yuuda, Rag and me were healing. Sev, Lushen, Duck, Dan and Voe were there too, and even Crooked, Aza, Exray and Ultra were there. Phew!

I was a bit worried that we couldn't do it without Angry, but we coped ok. CTwin, Pharo, Nova and MX had to sit out, but Sonu, Ang, Nez, Peggy and Yog came along.

Hellfire assault seemed a bit messy to me. We had a wipe then a kill which was rather messy with tons of dead people on my side, and it was just lucky those stupid cannons kept shooting.

Iron Reaver is less traumatic now with people better at dodging the Barrage. Not perfect, but better. Still room for improvement. At least I didn't die to it this time.. I think.

So, do you think my guild would let me take a picture??

"Go and get a photo of a kill we've done before, and pretend that it's the mythic kill."
"Photoshop it, nobody would know the difference."
"You're wasting time taking a photo when we could be doing trash heading to Council!"

Whatevers! I took this lame-ass picture. At least I got one.

Lootwise we had Conq and Protector tier helms drop, and a number of other items picked up by various people. It was nice to see tier. It felt buoyant, uplifting, hopeful. People liked raiding - the excitement was there, maybe they all felt as I did, they wanted more. Perhaps now everyone was finally feeling the same as I had been, wanting to raid, enjoying the challenge and being a part of something together, like we had always done. I felt like my guild was coming back, and it was a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.

I did feel bad about one thing. CT had asked if we could do 2 days a week, but I couldn't promise that and even with OpenRaid we weren't getting much interest. I am not sure if that was part of what made our own guildies rally to raid, or whether it was because we were on the verge of killing a new boss, but for the first time we had to sit people out. Some good people. And I can understand the feeling of disappointment - having been there for all the previous raids and now not being able to get into the run? I would be a bit sad too. However, if the run was being run by a guild, as it is now, then I wouldn't feel bad about sitting out for their guildies - if I was a fill in. But for Onineko, they weren't fill ins. We had an agreement. Yes, I know they mentioned they may not be able to keep their part of the agreement (as in they may not be able to field the 10 players now) but did that mean we just shut the door?

It's different for the others, who have no ties to them, but they are my other guild - albeit a shitty alt's guild, but they are my friends - and I feel bad about it not working out as intended. What would I do if it was reversed? I would probably let my guildies go who really wanted to go and I'd sit back and fill in if they still needed spots. I would probably try to ensure one officer went along to make sure the others were behaving themselves. However, most people don't tend to go regularly with other guilds except Crooked when he was doing Archimonde, or maybe Aza/Exray/Ultra who go with their friends in other guilds. But none of them have been doing Mythic on their "mains" so I haven't had to worry about guildies being saved.

It's natural for me to want to include my own guild, however, and I don't think I could be criticised for that. But sometimes, finding the right and fair thing to do isn't as straightforward as one would think.

But, next week is coming and we will be looking at Council properly. I admit that we went in there with no idea of what was going on (and I was given a marker for stacking and I ran like a headless chook all over the place and totally screwed that up), but I think that we'll do a bit better next week after we all have a look at it (and Kyxyn gives me a run down in his nice calming voice, and I'll pretend that I understand whatever the hell is going on!)