PvP - Shab is back!

Shab is having fun playing his mage on Alliance, but he does still like playing with us. However when he plays druid, the only option to arena is me going to Boomkin and we all know how disastrous that is. He moaned that he wished he had his mage again, but he hated levelling.

So, I got him a boost for Christmas. Well, actually I got him a gift card and hoped that he would buy Legion with it, because a boost cost just as much.

So, behold the new Shab! Pretty much the same as the old Shab, just a bit undergeared.

He got straight into it and we even did some arenas. Shab, Crooked (on Evident) and I won a few games! I was happy, got my rating up, and an enthusiastic partner to PvP with. I showered Shab with lots of love, including two Champion's Honor and some enchants.

Even Crooked is less reticient about arenas lately. I think he was just happy just to have some wins under our belt. I was especially pleased to take out two different God comp teams (so called God comps because shadowpriest/frost mage/resto druid is a chain cc combo that wins because cc chains mean someone is gonna die). Crooked and Shab managed to interrupt the chain CCs with counter cc's that put them out of whack. Either that or they were just lousy God comps lol.

PvP night was great, with a full team turnout for BGs. Jazz came to PvP with us and she was scary, doing lots of damage! Looks like her baby is sleeping well and she's getting some of her life back! I think I was super surprised to see Jazz doing stuff without Nath!

I think if Nath is not working we may have another PvPer on our hands!

Also, Sars has started playing again - who knows how long that will last, but while he's, here may as well take advantage of that, right?

This all looks good if we get to 10. I've been wishing for a 10 man Frostwolves RBG team for 4 years. Maybe 2016 is the year of the Frostwolves RBG? Well, I won't get my hopes up TOO high, but the idea of it is enticing. Often I get excited about things that never eventuate, but it's a little bit like dating right? It's the chase, the dreams and the hopes that are the exciting part. And dreaming is hope - and without hope, what is there to play for, right?