PvP - Our first guild RBG win!

With the change to conquest and with so many people wanting to PvP we decided to see whether we could get a guild rated battleground going. We managed to get 8 people together on Friday PvP night and pugged the other two to see how far we could get.

One of the pugs said "Wow, nobody in this group has any rating." Well, we don't RBG, that's why. This was our first go!

Our group consisted of Sev, Shab, Crooked (on Evident), Jazz, Nath, Sars, Tyefoods and myself.

We did our best to formulate plans, and with half of us on Discord and half of us not, the voice co-ordination was good, but we had to type to get the others to know what we were doing. Our first BG was Eye of the Storm and we managed to hold our two bases ok but couldn't control the middle, but then the fight turned around when Jazz and Nath assaulted Mage Tower and that threw people into a bit of a tizz. We managed to control 3 bases for the last part of the game and in a panic the other team capped the flag giving us the opportunity to grab it. Capping that flag won us the game!

For some of our guildies it was their first rated BG win, which was exciting! We queued for another after that which was Silvershard mines, and we did ok at the beginning, but by the end we were getting overwhelmed by the other team. I thought we were going to lose that game but suddenly Tye capped his cart and we won another!

That was 1200 conquest from just two rated battlegrounds. Wow. So much conquest! And we earned the guild 1500g.

We then lost the next two, as we came up across highly rated teams - a Silvershard mines and a Temple of Kotmogu where we were absolutely destroyed. It felt frustrating, but obviously they were very coordinated teams as their interrupts and focussing was very good. Crooked said that those last two rated battlegrounds were what he imagined RBGs to be like, and I guess in higher end RBG it is. Everyone would need to be on voice chat, and calling out targets. But, we're just casual PvPers, wanting to have a bit of fun, so we called it quits after that.

Crooked said that if you read about RBGs then you see lots of people whinging about kick bots. I had no idea what that was. But once I went to the forums to have a look, it was basically some third party program that would interrupt you as soon as you cast - and here I thought that was just excellent gameplay on their part?! Apparently using kick bot is a bannable offence.

So, it was quite easy to cap conquest after yesterday (I was already capped) but with arenas and Ashran as well, you really don't have to do much to reach cap. My Ashran attendance has dropped sharply now that I've finished my Nemesis, and I'm glad to say that I haven't needed the Ashran conquest to help me reach my cap. Nowadays I go in there trying to get bloody coins and every now and then I might get a couple.

We wound down with some normal BGs as well, and having Ultra healing on his shaman was just amazing. Why can't he play THAT toon during raids?? :P

So here's hoping that PvP Fridays will continue being popular. Damasu logged on super late so he missed all the RBG action but I did a few arenas with him (as BOOMKIN no less) and I played like an absolute noob but we won a few games so I could at least go to sleep with some sense of satsifaction!