Guildleaer Chores: Happy New Year and my WoW resolutions

It's that time of year for making promises and goals that you probably won't keep, a time to start fresh and think of changes that I want to implement in the guild or to the raid.

Last Wednesday (30 Dec) we managed to scrape together a raid for heroic Archimonde and I felt a little bad because I had to be a little heavy handed with some behaviour issues. But it was with Onineko - whom I have said before, are a much more boisterous guild than ours - and having the "cold iron fist of Navi" (as CTwin likes to call it) put down on someone who isn't in my guild, is a bit like scolding other people's children. It's awkward because it's like a joint raid, but yet it isn't because our guild is quite enthusiastic about heroic Archimonde but not so much for mythic raids so we often have numbers for Archi but not for mythic.

So the person being irritating was drunk and loudmouthed - firstly, sounding a little bit derogatory to people who hadn't done a fight before or hadn't tanked a fight before and I spoke up straight away. Then when they continued I told them to be quiet because it was annoying me and they said that me telling to be quiet was annoying them. They ended up leaving voice chat because I globally muted that person, which may or may not have irritated them, but I'd already said it twice. I told CT I wasn't angry at the person, I just wanted them to shut up because that's not how our guild likes to raid. I can imagine if Kyxyn was there he would have had something to say, but we happened to be without him that day (a day free of tyranny!) because he'd just gotten back from a long-ass drive and was tired.

We also had some difficulty doing Fel Lord afterwards too - wiping because of simple mistakes like not stacking or getting hit by purple stuff. CT said we should do it his way (which he says is the way mythic is done) but I can never remember that way except that marked people go to the other side of the room and everyone else huddles far away from them. In the end we got it, but I think CT and Onineko were unimpressed that it was harder than doing Archimonde.

We brought Damasu along as our guildie who was getting an Archimonde carry and he was lucky enough to roll a win on the staff - which Aza was going to get. However, I had told him earlier that the weapon was going to be reserved for Aza for raiding and though he was disappointed, he understood, and that's all I could ask for, really. Poor Deidria wasn't online so couldn't take him, and I was hoping that eventually we would get all our guildies through Archi. I hope Damasu got his mount...

Now cracking along to my WoW resolutions....

As a guild leader:
  • I will try my best to give forewarning to any decisions about raiding and leave it open to discussion for a few days prior to implementation. No more funny on the fly decisions that end up pissing everyone off, and no introduction of last minute amendments.
  • Discord is now compulsory for those wanting to do the highest level of difficulty of Frostwolves raiding. We are a little relaxed about it with farm content. If Discord is being silly then we will go back to Ventrilo.
  • More vigilance with un-Frostwolf like behaviour from the first outset with a three strike warning.
  • Effective next tier, no more EPGP for raids. We are going to personal loot.
  • I've been thinking about ways to keep guild donations coming and have decided that I may set up 3 tiers of raiders (at the moment we have 2). Hunting pack is our highest level, and Scouting pack our second level. I may make Hunting and Scouting pack the highest level raiders, and change the Frostwolves Pack rank to be the new casual raiders rank.
As a WoW Player
  • I will work on some of those alt achievements. Such as professions, a certain number of toons to max level... I didn't say I'd do them all, I said I'd work on it.
  • I am going to do more arena. I keep saying that, but I will do it!
  • Finish off those garrison achievements. I need to do one invasion a week at least!
See how many of those I can stick to before next year!