Frostwolves Sydney Guild Meetup at Star City

I was really pleased that at least 12 people showed up for our Star City meetup! I was a little bit salty that Voe, who had asked me "when are we doing a meetup", and Rag who has asked for a specific weekend didn't show up, but I had enough of the others show up that it was still a good afternoon out. Bish also piked at the last minute (citing work) but I was surprised (and delighted) that he might have shown up that I wasn't super disappointed in the end (just mildly disappointed)

Aza and Ultra had flown from interstate and stayed in Darling Harbour. I picked them up on Friday and had some difficulty at first locating them at the airport as my directions weren't as obvious to them as they were to me. I had told them "Exit building and head towards oncoming traffic direction." Of course they read that as "walk into oncoming traffic", which sounds like a dreadful thing to say, but taken totally out of context. Airport traffic only goes in one direction and I was parked at the beginning of the aiport, so if you follow the traffic going against it, you will find me. Eventually I found them and we headed out for some lunch in Darling Quarter.

On Sunday it was a rather warm day. Pizzaperta Manfredi was outside the casino facing Pirrama road and had a very casual feel about it. We moved some tables around one of the umbrellas (which provided much needed relief from the blazing hot sun) and ordered some pizzas and heavily overpriced drinks and then chatted for a few hours. HK and I were there, with Aza, Exray, Consti (not Octavius/Constantine, it was one of Exray's friends who flits in and out of our guild), Yuuda and his girlfriend, and Koda and Temperence (who was taking this photo and so Duck and she are both inserted into the picture). Tout also made a visitWell, I superimposed Duck's toon onto the picture of the yellow duck Koda put into the photo haha.

After pizza we went to have some Gelato at Messina and then we headed home. It was nice to catch up and chat, talk about WoW, and I'm not sure if it's just meetup excitement but Ultra, Exray and Koda said they would like to raid. Koda said she would like to do heroic again (she did it prior to the patch and thus doesn't have a mount) and I said if we can keep numbers up then we can hopefully get everyone in the guild through Archimonde as long as they have a decent ilvl.

So when is the next meetup? Well, I would like to head out to WA one day for a guild meetup. We do have a few guildies there - and maybe there will be some conference I can attend at the same time and make the trip tax deductible!


  1. Yay for the possibility of WA love! We miss out on all the fun over here :P Glad to hear you had a decent turn out!

  2. That's.... a very INTERESTING group photo.

    Very.... Hordish. ;-)


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