First achievement of the year

I thought that with people losing interest in the game I'd have an easier time doing things, get those little achievements out of the way. Boy was I wrong.

I'm almost done with my Wintersgrasp wins. Unlike Ashran, which is way more productive for achievements when the content is current, Wintersgrasp is easier because it's older and nobody hangs out there. Unfortunately for me there was a period where the player with the highest number of achievement points on the server, Robdragon, was also doing Wintersgrasp.

Obviously it's only a problem because I'm horde, and he's alliance.

It wasn't an issue, really. I was only doing WG when I could. What I should have done was wait for him to be finished with his WG wins and come back so I could do it unopposed.

But no, the competitive streak inside me could not let it go that he was in my WG when I wanted to win it, when I only had time for one or two WG a day. He and I would duke it out killing each other, he'd intercept me on the bridge. A few times I would be there as soon as it started, and was bashing away at the walls with my demo, and then he'd come and I wouldn't be able to get the wall down.

There was one time he arrived as I was just getting into the main door and somehow he hadn't realised that so I won Wintersgrasp and then I had pulled the NPC who had a lot of health and was trying to kill him when he turned up. I couldn't take on both of them so I ran for the portal and managed to click the portal to get me back to a main city before I died. After that he strutted around me calling me a chicken. Technically I was a boomchicken, and I had no desire to fight him (or die for that matter) so I just ignored him.

I did cheat and get Tacky to come help me a few times, as well as Crooked/Evident, and Robdragon followed Tacky and I to Argent Tournament trying to duel. I was trying to pet battle so I pet battled him and lost (he was using Fragment of Anger/Graves/Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling combo which is quite a powerful PvP combination) and then after that he was nice to me. He emoted an apology and pointed to the pets, and I bowed to him and after that, we were on amiable terms. I felt like I should at least send him a pet as a gesture of good will, but for someone who has all the achievements, it seemed weird that he didn't have all the pets which prompted me to think that perhaps he has had them all but he would have sold them more valuable ones for gold.

So finally, my first achievement for 2016 was my 100th win in Wintersgrasp.

Fortunately, the last few were a defending the fortress which was easy when nobody else was around, but I'm glad that is one achievement that's taken me aaaaages to do.

Now to help Tacky get his.


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