Raiding - Stomping that Iron Reaver!

It was Wednesday and we had our best Mythic turnout ever from the Frostwolves side - as in we actually got at least 10 people! We actually had more than enough, and even Aza came as well and got on Discord. So we had Aimei, Kyxyn, myself, Sevrus, Lushen, Yuuda, Crooked, Danleet, Azadelta, Biship and Rag.

I was hoping we could have 11 from our side in the raid for once, but Onineko had 10 people they wanted to bring so I asked Crooked to sit out, since he was our most reluctant raider. I did feel bad though, because he would have liked to stay since we almost had Iron Reaver down last time with that 2% wipe. So Onineko brought Peggy, Ctwin, Stormshot, Anghelz, Nez, Angry, Pharo, Yog, Malk and Sonuku.

We started doing Hellfire Assault and we were doing TERRIBLY. I was like, what is going on? Aza is here, you'd think our damage would be better, is it because Crooked wasn't here? And do you know what it was.... we were 5 healing and 3 of those heals were on the Frostwolves side. I had forgotten Rag was there and we had to get him to switch to ret and it was heaps better. The kill itself was really shitty though, most of us were dead and we were at the last few % and hoping that someone got the damn artillery to the Fel cannons so we could bash down that door, and so it went down and there were only 5 or 6 alive at the end - if that!

Then it was Iron Reaver. Secretly I was dreading Aza doing it because he has little care for avoiding mechanics in Iron Reaver on heroic and normal because of his warlock abilities to survive them. However, being one shot by barrage was new for him and he died a lot - he rivalled Kyxyn for deaths (though to his credit, Xyn hardly died this time except when he was looking for a bloodlust buff and stood in the barrage because he was looking at his UI and not the boss). I did giggle one time when Aza took Sev's gateway to "safety" but ended up landing in fire and getting 7 stacks and then dying. Yuuda also died a bit - he has been away from game a while and a bit rusty - and I felt bad because he would be heaps better doing healing but we were pretty heavy on the heals already.

It was horrible to heal. Even though I was in my quadrant, my group were still dying. There was fire everywhere, I was trying to distance myself from them and their artillery thing and fire debuffs stacking didn't help at all. We were doing well in the first ground phase before air phase, but after that we seemed to have so many dead that it was just bleh.

Peggy was so focussed on the boss that he scared me standing in the middle a few times with the artillery on him! Bish was better at dodging barrage this time (though last time we tried it, it was late and Bish has this notorious decline in his raiding ability after pumpkin time of 1030pm). Angry switched from his disc priest to his shaman - something that we were a bit hesitant with, because Oni has a very different take on "geared needed alts" to what we do now (as in we don't do the geared alt thing, you take your main toon only).

However, we kept at it, and eventually people were living and we finally got it down!

What a relief! I was so relieved it was over that I forgot to take a picture of the kill :(

Loot was distributed and then we went on to do Archimonde after that. We had 3 carries and that was too much. We took Onineko's carry and had to drop Damasu and get Exray to go back on his boomkin, so I'm hoping that next week we will do our heroic Archi run with our guild carry. Deidrea and Damasu and Faith have all indicated they would like to come so I'm hoping we can get it for them :)


  1. we don't do geared alts - Angry's shaman is all him :)

    He just does the needful when we need more raid heals vs tank heals.

    1. We used to do geared alts but we have since drifted to the single toon just because it made the looting stuff easier. Come Legion we may revisit it but nobody really has a second toon that's as good as their first.


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