Raiding - Highmaul meta-achievements completed and a quick how to do them

Doing Highmaul on Normal made the achievements so easy - I don't think Blackrock Foundry would be as easy! We only had a small group turn up, but we completed all achievements in 1.5 hours (with a slow start). Some of them we had done before.

Flame On! - Kargath Bladefist

Defeat Kargath Bladefist in Highmaul without destroying any Fire Pillars on Normal difficulty or higher.
We overgeared this so I don't even think he got to do a Beserker Rush, but basically don't have anyone standing behind a flame pillar so that if they do get targeted with Beserker Rush, Kargath won't run into the Flame Pillar (which you normally do to make him stop the Rush). A pretty easy achievement to do!

(This achievement is a pop culture reference to Johnny Storm's Human Torch - a member of the Fantastic Four. He says "Flame On!" when he goes into flamey mode)

Hurry Up, Maggot! - The Butcher

Cause the Butcher in Highmaul to slay 6 Maggots before defeating him on Normal difficulty or higher.
Crooked still had his macro from last time:
/target Maggot
/script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

Which put a skull on the maggot. When we found the maggot, the tank just dragged Butcher over to it and when Butcher did his cleave, the maggot died. Keep spamming the macro until all 6 are dead. The maggots spawn in the water pools around the Butcher's area - there are 3 areas where they spawn. The picture above shows the maggot after it died - it did have a nice skull on it before. It's good to have extra heals for this fight since DPS isn't really an issue here, and you spend a lot of time healing as people move around from place to place.

More Like Wrecked-Us - Tectus

Defeat Tectus in Highmaul by destroying all eight Motes of Tectus within 10 seconds of each other on Normal difficulty or higher.
This is a horrible achievement at level, but when you outgear it and it doesn't damage you much, you can be a bit more relaxed.  It was semi important to bring them all down together, but damage output is so high by the raid, you can hit bloodlust and burn them all down quickly.

A Fungus Among Us - Brackenspore

Gain 15 stacks of Burning Infusion and then defeat Brackenspore in Highmaul on Normal difficulty or higher.
It was actually not that easy to do this achievement. You get a stack of burning infusion when you burn the green stuff on the ground, but you have to have enough around to be able to burn. And then you have to do it in a controlled way so you don't overheat the gun because then it takes time for the gun to cool down and then your Burning Infusion stacks fall off (you lose a stack every 2 seconds). So it took us a while (and it was just as well that standing on the green stuff healed Brackenspore too so we didn't kill him too early). Easiest thing to do was let the green get out of control a bit, and then there was enough to burn (and try to let just one person do it, otherwise you will run out of green stuff, and you can burn 3 clusters of green in one flame to get stacks faster). Hit escape to turn the gun off after a second or so. This is a raid-wide achievement now - it used to be a personal achievement.

Brothers in Arms - Twin Ogron

Defeat the Twin Ogron in Highmaul without their Disposition ever exceeding 30% on Normal difficulty or higher.
Simple translation: Don't separate them.

It doesn't sound hard when you think, ok, I just have to tank them together. It's when one does their charge and runs away from the other, that's the problem. We failed it when that happened, because someone was at range and one of the Twins ran out to them.

Solution: everyone get their back to the wall and the tank tanks it pretty much on top of us so that they charge into the wall. Healing is shitty and the there isn't much room to get away from fire so healers will have a heavy time. Glad I wasn't doing this achievement when I was in 670 gear, would have been horrible to heal.

Pair Annihilation - Ko'ragh
Defeat Ko'ragh in Highmaul with fewer than 15 Overflowing Energy orbs touching the ground or players without Nullification Barrier, on Normal difficulty or higher.
I think we did this achievement a long time ago because I can't find any record of it in my blog, but with the current gear level it's pretty easy. Just lusting and burning the boss got us the achievement, but essentially you have to not let 15 balls touch the ground or hit anyone who hasn't got Nullification barrier (so you can't cheese it by sacrificing people under balls for the achievement who haven't got the Nullification barrer). I think you can just ignore the mechanics and burn the boss and have two balls hit the ground - BOOM achievement!

Lineage of Power - Imperator Mar'gok

Empower and defeat a Fortified Replicating Gorian Warmage and then defeat Imperator Mar'gok in Highmaul on Normal difficulty or higher.
This one is best done with a DK or two. Essentially two Gorian Warmages come out during the second intermission and you need to get one of them to become empowered and then kill it and then kill Mar'gok. To empower them, you have to place them in a purple cloud and a white cloud. So look at this picture (from our mythic kill the other week):

Those weird things on the side inside a ring of four stones - there's a purple cloud and a white cloud. In the second intermission, a Gorian Warmage spawns on each side on the opposite side of the room, and they just stand around casting. Your DK needs to deathgrip one into the purple cloud until it gets the buff (safer just to leave it in there until the cloud is gone) and then get it to the white cloud to get the other buff with more death grips and Gorefiend's.

Here is the Warmage standing in the white cloud.

And here is the Warmage with the two buffs. Dominance Aura (the first buff) is his normal buff, so that's not one of the buffs you're looking for. The mages are the ones that do fixate on players and blast them with some small radius AOE stuff, so keep away from fixated players. Kill him then win! When you're overgeared the mechanics are healable but still need to watch out for the Mark of Chaos: Replication because it does still hurt a bit when those damn balls go off everywhere.

We did it with 2 DKs just to be sure (Peggy went on his DK, and we had a new guildie, Fynol, come along). The first time we had an error with the buff because we thought Dominance Aura was the buff, so we wiped it and started again, this time, leaving the Warmage in the cloud for the whole time, just to be sure.

Good luck getting your achievements done, it won't be long before this stuff is soloable and nobody will need this guide anymore LOL.