Hopefully the last Winter Veil I will spend in my Garrison!

I do admit that decorating my garrison is quite fun. We didn't do that last year.

It's also quite nice that the Winter Veil dailies are done in Frostfire Ridge (because the Hallow's end dailies were done in Shadowmoon Valley). And it makes more sense, really, from a northern hemisphere perspective because there's snow in Frostfire Ridge.

Draenei children are so cute that Grumplings need to kidnap them. They are rather adorable - they should make one of the pets a draenei child - though there would be all sorts of strange implications with that. However they do have Argent gruntlings which are pets, so something along those lines would be good!

I find it a little hard to see the presents that we're supposed to destroy so whenever I see a sack on the ground, I throw things at it to destroy it.

Oh and see that snow pile in the photo where I'm throwing a bomb? I didn't realise but that was where all the Grumplings are found. And here I thought they were in the Savage Gift, but actually that gives you the mount. I haven't got one yet, but I'm doing it every day - maybe I'll have to buy one. There are a lot of different snowballs you can get but the Yellow Snowball is the funniest. But the Savage Snowball is good for critters I suppose.

Thanks Crooked for the Grumpling!
Grumplings seem to swarm all over me - that may be due to starfall procs. But there are no shortage of those for the daily! Oh, and the Greench is still there in Hillsbrad, and people are still killing it. Here is my early morning shot of the Greensh with some early Christmas wakers doing their dailies.

Merry Winter's Veil Everyone! Hope Great-father Winter brings you nice kiddies good things!

Edit: A big Thanks to Lushen for giving me a spare Grumpling mount!

And how could I forget this year's pressies under the Orgrimmar tree - a Crashin' Thrashin' Flamer Controller which netted me two achievements. You can buy the Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer controller with the Winter Veil Daily currency (and getting all four Crashin' Thrashin' machines gets you the , and a Red Wooden Sled.