Guildleader chores: This Mythic thing is not working out as well as I would have hoped

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with doing some Mythic raiding. Once a week is enough for me, leaving me plenty of time to do other things like hunt achievements and PvP.

However, I really wish others would share my enthusiasm for raiding - which is a hard ask at the end of an expansion.

We have plenty of raiders who would be able to do mythic, just them wanting to do it, is the problem. I don't blame them for not being interested, but I really feel like only 5 of us want to do it. And that poor Onineko has to provide the people ALL the time. So it's usually just Xyn, Aimei, me, Sev, Lushen, Dan and Duck. Bish is back now so he may come more regularly. Voe, Nok, Rag and Yuuda are a busy during the week with RL stuff (and sleep) so are not as reliable as they were. Aza, Exray, Ultra, Darkness and Brutal have said they're not interested, and Crooked said he'd come only if he had to. But at least he said he would consider coming - I hadn't asked him before because I didn't know he would consider saying yes.

I demoted all the non mythic raiders a rank (to the casual raid rank) to make invites for mythics easier. People weren't happy about it, but it was for an organisational point of view, as well as for fixing the repair stuff as well. Some people were upset by that, but if they're not raiding the hardest level the guild is attempting then why should I put them at the highest rank? It totally makes sense to me.

This cross server thing is difficult in that finding a day that suits them and us is hard. Their tank and raid leader can't make every week because of work, and can never make Wednesdays. Wednesdays is our best raid turnout day - though you wouldn't know THAT if you looked at the turnout last Wednesday, though some server issues were partly to blame for that. It was also mildly amusing that we spent a bit of time doing the Archimonde achievement on Thursday, but when we did proper heroic Archi on Monday we got the achievement anyway because our DPS was high enough to get the kill quickly. I think we took another 30 seconds off our previous Archimonde kill. And, that's with no hunters in the raid too. Xyn wants me to keep a consistent day for raiding, but when their best day is Sunday and ours is Wednesday, that doesn't work out. I had thought perhaps we could do alternating weeks our day and then their day but Xyn likes it to be consistent. However, consistent doesn't suit us nor does it suit them so I would like to see a compromise between the two (as in one week our week, next week their week), especially since they are providing the bulk of the raiders at the moment. But I also see Xyn's point - if people can't figure out which day we are supposed to be raiding, they may just stop showing up, which worsens the spiral of apathy.

With Christmas coming up, raiding will wind down to just Archimonde and alt stuff, most likely. It might give me the opportunity to play some Starcraft because I have been neglecting that. Or I could do my arenas. Or finish my Ashran Nemesis. Or find all my pristine artifacts. So many things to do. I wonder if I will be able to do it all before Legion hits.