Guildleader chores - Slow down and future plans for raiding

Poor Xyn. Sometimes he says stuff and either I'm not listening, or I am too shocked to reply at the time or I'm too scared to say something till later.

What are we going to do when we don't need anymore stuff from heroic Archimonde?

Xyn had asked if anyone needed anything from heroic Archimonde. Only one person said anything. Now, I hadn't replied because I didn't think that rolling on warforged or socketed items counted as "needing" things. So Xyn thought that if nobody needs anything besides ring upgrades, we could just do normal Archimonde.

I didn't say anything at the time. Initially I thought, ok, well that's boring. But then I thought more about it and I didn't really like the idea of doing Archimonde on normal.  Why would we, when people could start bringing alts along and getting heroic Archimonde loot?

So after some discussion with Xyn, we thought we would ask people what they would want to do.

We already have waning interest in Archi - Crooked is onto his last upgrade then he will be done. We don't have very many more guildies who would like the mount, though we could ask them to be online for it. And if we're going to have alts and undergeared people then we have to set a limit on how many we can have. Running Archimonde on my main for others week after week and wiping week after week is not enjoyable. Of course I want everyone to get their mount, but realistically to help everyone we need to make sure we aren't carrying too many and making our good deed too stressful on ourselves.

I think the arbitrary number would be 1 undergeared/carry and 2 geared alts.

We'd also have to have a roster on who is allowed to bring their alts. It would depend on raid composition as well as classes needed, and then we'd look at who has been consistently been helping out in the raid. As officers, I expect officers to continue helping with Archi runs for the good of the guild but I can't ask that of regular raiders. People do need their downtime.

Onineko has still been boosting our numbers in Archi - as long as they are hitting the shadows in the final phase, I'm happy with that. Not sure how long they'll keep coming once rings are upgraded, but I appreciate good help! Low DPS and dead people - not so much, since that makes it harder for the run in general.

So that is a plan for the next month or so. We'll see if that pans out. Who knows, it might turn out like how Mythic did - great plans, but slightly difficult to execute!


  1. "Poor Xyn." - Truer words never spoken :P

  2. I would really like a moose mount! Obviously need to be carried =P Let me know ingame whats the minuim ilvl =)


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