Warcraft movie tidbits and trailer to be shown at Blizzcon

As Blizzcon approaches, there's been some movie tidbits trickling out from, and earlier today the movie poster was tweeted by @warcraftmovie

Many paintball comments were made... but Travis Fimmel still looks gorgeous
Empire magazine had an article on the Warcraft movie with some new images from the movie.

The trailer is set to be shown at Blizzcon on 6 November - it will certainly be exciting to see the movie of the game that I love so much. I can't believe it's Blizzcon already this weekend - I'm unfortunately at work, but when I get home I will be going back to watch all the day's highlights!


  1. HYPE MAN.

    I don't care what anyone says, I think this is looking to be promising so far.
    I really give it to the props team, they do an amazing job at those costumes.
    And DUROTAN.

    ~ Darkness.

    1. And then there was the titbit trailer.... OMG so excited!!!


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