Warcraft Movie Breakdown (by HeelvsBabyface ) - Easter eggs and stuff only a WoW player would understand

My guildies and I were discussing the WoW movie and all the things we could see in it (like the Dark Portal) whey Kyxyn linked us this video by HeelvsBabyface which goes over the trailer with a fine toothed comb.  It's a great breakdown, pointing out all the things in game and lore that you might have missed if you blinked! I highly recommend watching it.

One thing that wasn't said in the movie but said in the comments (and this was something I managed to pick) was this scene:

And I'm going to steal an image from my friend Voros who has a picture of Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains on his blog. It's a pretty accurate re-creation of Lakeshire, don't you think?

And I was convinced for a while that these are draenei, especially the one on the far left, but when I looked closer, though they had glowie eyes and pale skin, there were no horns or tails on any of these beings. They were probably just beings of power. I do however like their robes. It does look much like they do in game!

Anyway, too busy spoiling it for ourselves, picking at the lore inconsistencies, but I think since Metzen is working closely with them to tie it together and he's happy - well then I hope we'll be happy!


  1. There are a lot of places people are trying to pin point that are in-game and honestly, I think a lot of the in-game towns/zones are spot on for a CGI film.
    Chris Metzen was hilarious at the opening ceremony for Blizzcon; got half a dozen laughs out of him.

    I would had watched this breakdown video by HeelvsBabyface if his constant dribbling didn't annoy me so much, though. :/

    1. He dribbles? You mean verbally or physically? And if you mean verbally... well, that is kinda funny coming from you /grin

    2. Hey! Verbally I mean he goes on and on and on until he finally gets to the point.


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