Raiding - Tried to help....

I broached the subject of mythic raiding once a week to the guild on Wednesday whilst we were doing our Archi kill and there were a number who were not interested and those were concerned it would not be a good mix. Thursday was supposed to be achievement day but when we logged on there were only 3 of us online, and Onineko only had 15 so we offered to go help them. They got Manny down but were so close on Archi many times with no success - there was a 0% wipe with another low % wipe, but it just felt like I wasn't healing enough. We dragged Sev and Lushen along as well to join in the wipefest.

One time when Lushen and I were in the banish for the sacrifice I was saying to him that I wondered what an Archi kill looked like, and he said he wondered too. After all, the view of the kill is so boring on the inside of a banish....

We had our tanks mix and match a bit with theirs to get used to things - I think Peggy and Kyxyn got along well, and both of them do better DPS in their offspecs than Aimei and Kupp. But at least they were getting along, not fighting and doing the best they could. During their scheduled 10  min break we had an officer discussion about some of the things that we would do for the mythic raid including healers, tanks and DPS, and Kupp was pretty ruthless about who he was going to sit out, whereas I had been thinking are we going to get enough people showing up! But, with Crooked saying he isn't interested in Mythic, that's one person I don't have to worry about sitting out. Yuuda said he would sit out if needed and we probably can't bring 2 druid healers anyway and my offspec is pathetic. If Rag came then he would be an easy choice, but since I'm not sure if he's going to continue playing it would probably be Yuuda and me and Nok if he wants to heal for a bit. 

Doing Archi then seemed like how it was when we were struggling with infernal phase where people were dying left right and centre. I was doing the calls for chains but I realised that it's pretty lousy for me to do it because I am on the banish duty then when I go in I can't call them, and when I come out I forget to do it because I hadn't done the last one so I think next time I'll just get someone else to do it.

Ugh, and really missed doing an achievement that night. Haven't felt like I had worked on a decent one in ages! Perhaps later in the week or next week at least, that would make me feel like I had done something useful at least!