Raiding - I need a new raiding plan

When you're not working towards a new kill, then interest wanes very quickly.  Never mind that those lucky people got all the gear they need and don't need anymore are feeling an apathy towards raiding and yet we Vanquisher Tier people have not seen a single heroic trinket drop so far from Archimonde... but our raiders are generally happy to help for Archimonde anyway.

There was hardly anyone on at 850 but by the time 930 rolled around we had 15 people. We had 12 at 9pm so we thought let's just go do some other boss before we go to Mannoroth, and we ended up at Socrethar. Doublebrutal was the one who needed Mannoroth and it seemed a bit silly to do it when he was just getting home from work and not online. Yuuda and I two healed Socrethar but 4 Man'ari's is a bitch to heal and we lost two people to Man'ari (that's what you get when you ranged your healers and one of them has the Gift of Man'ari too) but we killed Soc in record time. People were going on about how great our DPS is but really it's because we 2 healed it when we normally 3 heal it. But I won't tell them that. Oh and no DKs! That was different too.

So as soon as Brutal got online we went to Mannoroth and we were midfight and I told HK to please be generous with his CDs and survivability because we were 2 healing it.  He thought that was crazy. The only significant casualty was Kyxyn who got knocked off in the last few % but we killed Manny and then it was onto Archimonde.

Sev got on by then and we were at 14. Doable, since we know how it's done, but with 3 druid healers? That would be interesting. I had asked Owl to offspec heal.

It was a decent attempt, but we lost people at the end - Group 2 was coming out of the banish and Ultra chose that time to pop a chain and so there was a whole bunch of dead people.

Nok got on at that time and I was relieved - I got Owl back to DPS and Nok to heal, since he's been healing almost every raid for the last month of two. And who doesn't love that revival!

A couple more attempts and Archi was down. In fact, it was our cleanest Archi kill that we've done so far and our quickest. Naturally I was being sacrificed again so I had no idea what was going on outside, but it was good to get it down. I think that was the first time I had got the upgrade ring item from Archimonde heroic instead of normal.

Two staves dropped, much to the delight of the other 2 druids, Owl and Yuuda (and the disappointment of the warlocks). The Protector trinket dropped as well and I asked kindly if everyone could give it to Doublebrutal since he didn't even have a normal trinket. The rest of the stuff we sharded.

I was happy with that for a number of reasons. One, we managed to heal it without a paladin! Secondly, we had no DKs! They usually help with getting rid of those infernals in the last phase. And thirdly, we did it faster than we had done it before.

So what to do after? We did Iskar, who still refused to drop trinkets, then we did Fel Lord which was at least better than last week's pathetic attempt. Interestingly we died more to Iskar than we did to Archimonde, but we always seem to do some stupid things in Iskar. Some clever person ran fire to tanks in the Blast phase. HK had a "lag spike" (cough) and forgot to pass me the ball for dispel. People were slow passing the ball to HK so he could interrupt. And one classic one was that Owl somehow didn't pass the ball to Ultra (and they're even on Skype to each other during raid) so that was even MORE lame and laughable.

Raid felt relaxed but I can feel everyone edging to take a break. I discussed it with Kyxyn and we might start doing meta achieves on Thursdays for the mount, to keep interest up. And also, we should start bringing friends. I think Monday may be a good time for "friends" to come with us to heroic HFC or something similar - and if we get enough interest perhaps we can do some old Mythics.  But we'll see.



    -Navi's Friend CeeTee.


    -Navi's Friend CeeTee.


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