Raiding - Diagonals and A Mythic Kill

Our first combined mythic run was plagued with so many problems I am surprised we got a kill!

Firstly, the Frostwolves side didn't produce the numbers required. Ultra tried to get on but his internet was rubbish. Nok was out. Duck was out. Yuuda was with his new girlfriend. Az and Exray said they weren't interested, and neither was Crooked. Ash and Brutal said that they weren't keen on Mythic. That doesn't leave many people to play.

As it was, we scraped together 9 people. Kyxyn, Aimei, Navi, Rag, Lushen, Sev, Voe (who was late), Danleet and Crooked grudgingly agreed to come. I felt bad about it, but he was too nice to let everyone else down.

Onineko produced the extra - Kupp, CTwin, Stormshot, Sonuku, Anghelz, Malkwyn, Yogoth, Sinnoh, Pharo, Angryhealzz, and Peggysui.

Kupp and Aimei were tanking and we basically split to guild groups to look after a side each.

At first we had issues with the order, but we managed to get that down quick enough, and Rag and Angry did the bulk of the healing since Pharo and I were running artillery to our cannons. I felt a bit bad as we had to take an extra DPS on our side so the Onineko side was a bit down on DPS, and Berserkers were really smashing the tanks if they weren't killed fast enough.

When we did kill it, it was so sudden, suddenly BOOM! It was dead.

Can you believe it, no guild banners!

Then we thought we'd have a crack at Iron Reaver. There was a rather hilarious member exchange when we discussed some raid positioning issues for the fight.

I was at red marker with Aimei and Kupp was at purple. Kyxyn mentioned that he put the tanks at a diagonal so they could move in to help opposite sides.

Kupp was a bit confused. He mentioned that he wasn't at a diagonal. Then, after we told him he was, he insisted he wasn't.

"A diagonal is the line between two opposite corners of a square," Kyxyn pointed out. "And... umm... I'm a maths teacher, you are having this argument with the wrong person," which brought gales of laughter from everyone else. Turns out poor Kupp thought red was adjacent to him or something, rather than an opposite. Either that or he didn't get through primary school maths. Or it could have been late.

Well. Kupp at least brought some humour to the raid. He's good for something! I kind of think of him as their morale mascot. I guess if he's always bringing humourous relief like that, I can see why.

Iron Reaver was messy. I ashamedly died to a barrage, but so did a whole bunch of other people. It seemed to go OK though overall - there are some slight differences with the bombs but other than that, it's pretty similar.

I think everyone who went actually enjoyed themselves - maybe except Crooked, who was dragged there. But he can't be sad about getting an achievement! Even Lushen said he had fun, and Aimei too. There was no degenerating to our basal instincts, screaming and pointing the big fingers of shame. I enjoyed myself, and I am looking forward to getting Iron Reaver down this week.

Officially a mythic raider I guess! Now, let's see if I can repeat what happened at the end of last expansion and keep raiding until the end of the tier! I'm not sure how long we can keep going, but there may be some people out there wanting a nice guild to raid with - you never know who might join our family next!