Nothing boosts my willingness to Arena like watching Arena World championships

I mentioned how I had been a bit apathetic with my arenas this season (because Shab had gone alliance) but there is nothing like a little pressure like the reminder that the season is ending for me to kick up the game a bit.

It did look a bit daunting - when they started talking about the next patch and the next season of arena, I think I was on 23 games of 100. Ugh.

I wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but Crooked has been pretty determined to do arenas to get the mount.

And he says it's all my fault.

Whilst I was away in Japan, Sev and Shab dragged reluctant ol' Crooked to do arenas. He must have enjoyed it because he got a few in and then realised that if you win 100 arenas you get a mount.

He said he was keen to grind out our games and I took him up on it.

Every time we have spare time I'm asking him if he wanted to do arenas and he's said yes. Sev was way ahead of us at first (in terms of game wins), but Crooked and I have been asking everyone to do arenas - even Duck. I was surprised when Duck offered to do some, because the last time we did arenas he was screaming like a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I guess at the time it did add variety because I'd be swearing and Duck would be screaming and I could imagine Crooked telling us to stop making useless noises. LOL.

We've done a few pugs - and our best one so far was this warlock who played boomkin as well, and when he switched to his boomy we won TONS of games.

We're now at 80 games and it feels like we're on a home stretch.

And I had no time to watch WoW Arena World Championship group stages this weekend, and watching it has been exciting. I know I am a rather pathetic player on my resto druid sometimes, but watching these guys play their resto druids I am think WOW, I wish I could play like that! They are so offensive and a dream to watch!

Lots of familar faces casting in the tournament - I see Josh Allen (@devolore), Jared Coulston (@iamvhell). Shab will be excited because Elliott "Venruki" Venczel is casting too, and Jackson "Bajheera" Bliton is doing the replay commentaries. I hadn't seen Sid "Supatease" Compton (@supatease) casting before, but since he plays boomkin/resto druid he must be cool!

Watching these shamans play, it is amazing their team coordination - there is a lot of warlocks on these shaman groups, and everyone coming back together for spirit link is pretty cool to watch. There was also a dominance of RMD (rogue mage druid) teams, which is such a strong combination! There was a jungle team (feral druid, hunter) which was scary, and also one Turbocleave (warrior and enh shaman) team.

If you had to watch just one of the challenges, I would recommend the RMD vs RMD that was played by Skill Capped EU vs Cloud 9 (that game is at 2:19:20) from Day 2.

I was texting Shab as I was watching - hopefully he'll watch the games later so we can talk about it! I'll just put the Day 1 video here as well so I can find it easier later.


  1. I just wish I knew what was going on in those fights :-s
    Up until someone actually dies, I can't tell if they are winning or losing

    1. You can hear it a bit in the casters voices. What I wish I could see is what talents their resto druids took.


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