Navispam - Keeva is still around!

The other day someone in Onineko asked me if I knew Keeva because he had been in her guild before, and I had said, yes of course I knew Keeva. She was one of the great resto druid bloggers in her day, alongside Phaelia, Beruthiel, Jasyla and Lissanna.

Her blog, Tree Bark Jacket, went quiet sometime in 2011, because she had real life things to do (and then her site got hacked) so I had thought she had stopped playing WoW.

I do follow her on twitter but rarely saw when she tweeted about WoW stuff and when I went to look at her tweets, I realised that she still DID play WoW.  I looked her up and there she was, still active. Boy did I feel silly. Just because she doesn't blog anymore doesn't mean she doesn't play anymore!

She was on a realm that I don't have a toon on (but I do have a toon on a connected realm - handy), and using my super stalking skills I tried to be on an hour before she was last active - anyone who has young children tends to stick to a routine and log on at the same time each day. So I whispered her guildies, asking if she was online and they were very polite and said they would send her a btag message and she would be on shortly. I wondered if this happened often.

Soon she was online! I quickly introduced myself - though no need because she did know who I was and she must have thought how silly I was because I was excited she knew of me. I asked if she would mind taking a picture with me and she graciously agreed!

The good thing about oceanic realms is you can invite to party across realms without being btagged and so we met up in her garrison and had a quick chat. I asked her about raiding because I noticed she wasn't raiding anymore, and she said she didn't have the time but still pottered around doing all the solo things and dungeons - though she did do LFR! She was quite interested in the Diablo type dungeons coming in Legion and I chattered away about how there seem to be a large amount of druid guild leaders compared to other classes. I also asked her if she had a Tree Bark Jacket in her bags - as I was surprised she wasn't wearing it - and would you believe it, she doesn't have one! o.O

It was pretty cool meeting one of my druid heroes from my early druid days! Thank you Keeva for letting me hang out in your garrison :)


  1. Miss Keeva was my GM (Inexonerable) on Calestraza. I was recruited to be one of her main tanks which was a pleasure during ICC progression. She did stop serious raiding to have little Keeva's. One of the reasons I will never forget her was that although she was an awsome GM, she was not scared to try set a new standard. She also had a full server of nothing but druids and she had a three legged pet rat called Peg.... I do have to say it confusing when she would call out on Vent "peg stop biting me" I would be like hunghhhhhh......
    Ohh and screw the assholes who thought it was fun to hack her site. Way to spoil it for many others.
    Navi, I still have a recording of Keeva in one of her interviews. Should yo want a copy please yell..


    1. Now I did not know she had a pet rat. Maybe she and I have more in common than I thought (other than both playing femtaur druids, GM, bloggers)


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