Navi's Blizzcon Day 1 thoughts - Legion, levelling and changes to dungeons (and AMAZING trailers!)

After the doom and gloom that followed yesterday's leak that the supposed release date of Legion could be as late as mid September, it was nice to be EXCITED about a new World of Warcraft expansion even if everyone else is extremely negative about it.

So to hype us all up, Chris Metzen came out and showed us the Cinematic trailer for Legion which was pretty amazing.

Firstly, Varian looks great in this cinematic. And what's also great, is we see more of Sylvanas. Which leaves me some questions - where is Vol'jin? I suppose our leader is not really the adventuring and conquering type, preferring to stay at home.

Demons, demons, demons. Well, this is Legion after all, and it's about demons. And Demonhunters. There is lots of talk about demonhunters, which after all is a big selling point for the expansion.

There are also a number of changes coming which are quite positive from my point of view.

There are four zones in Broken Isles (the new area) that you can level in, and you can level in any of those zones as it scales with you. That's cool, so you can do them in any order you like! Hopefully spread the crowds a bit (though really, will there be any crowds? Everyone has quit WoW). Also, since it scales to the player you can play with your friend who may be a different level to you, as the quest scales for them (say for example at level 102 it takes you 12 seconds to kill a mob, at level 106 it will still take you 12 seconds to kill that same mob). That reminds me of Guild Wars a bit, but I do like that, it allows more playing with friends - a great way to get new people into the game.

You know, when I heard that they were making Legion challenge modes scalable with extra levels of difficulty (and coming with that, higher level loot), and continually adding to them to increase the challenge, I thought of the Grumpy Elf. How many times have I heard him complaining talking about making dungeons relevant again? I though that this option is quite good - dungeons still giving good gear and scaling upwards in difficulty as you defeat certain challenges in them. It sounds pretty awesome on paper, and you know I do like a bit of a challenge. Of course, I wondered how does that work - does it scale to the highest Challenger's Keystone in the group? Of course these little questions will be answered sometime in the future as the answer is not really important, more a curiosity.

This sounds stupid, but I do like to hear that there ARE raids, but I don't really care what is in the raids just yet. So we know that the first raid is Emerald Nightmare, and there is a dragon there AND Cenarius. I know it's all in a twisted version of the Emerald Dream but killing Cenarius seems really WEIRD.

Lots of talk about demonhunters and the starting zone and the lore, which actually made me think I'd like to play one, just to try. Maybe I will finally understand why everyone likes playing alts so much! I hope there are lots of pretty cinematics to go with it!

That's all that I have to respond to in regards to the WoW aspect of Blizzcon Day 1.  There are MANY other things that I want to talk about like the other games, but I'll save that for a later post. Oh, and I have to mention that I had tears in my eyes watching the Warcraft movie trailer. Look at Durotan. That great Frostwolf leader. I admire him and I aspire to be like him!


  1. I have to say I was a little bored with the movie trailer. Didn't excite me at all. The Legion trailer was pretty cool though! I also thought it was curious they emphasized Sylvanas over any other horde leader. And, given how central to the plot the new demonhunter class is, I was quite surprised they didn't feature any in the cinematic!

    1. I'm glad they didn't because I am totally tired of hearing about demon hunters! I'm happy to see Sylvanas and I thought you would also since then there would be a lack of female representation in that trailer! And I do like her more covered up look.

  2. Vol'jin doesn't have the same background with demons as Sylvanas does, and both Sylvanas and Varian are on the same continent.

    1. Ah ok. So he is going to be the stay at home mum then.


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