Navi's 10 favourite boss fights in Draenor

Wes (Elementally my dear Shaman) wrote a post on his top 5 raid bosses in WoD, and I replied it with my top 5, but there are actually some dungeon bosses that I quite enjoyed as well, so I thought that the topic deserved it's own post on my blog as a memoir of WoD.

Overall the boss fights in WoD were quite good - new and interesting mechanics, and though they may not have been fun they were different and interesting, so they should get a mention! A big thanks to Misty Teahouse - the boss images are from her site.


(Blackrock Foundry)
A boss that rolls along straight lines eating ore along the way? Now that's rather original! The randomness was bloody annoying and healing it could be awful! The meta-achievement for Oregorger was very satisfying when we got it done!
Hansgar and

(Blackrock Foundry)

The stamping motion on a moving platform was a new idea, and itt made for some amusing deaths. And of course the pop culture reference was great too.
Socrethar the Eternal
(Hellfire Citadel)
Though this fight annoys me to no end, it was a different tack on the tank-enters-construct idea (think Putricide, Amber-shaper), with a bit of nasty healing and add control on the side.

(Blackrock Foundry)
The mechanics of this fight wasn't what I liked best about it, I quite enjoyed the movement and it's a nice fight for druid healers. I think I just liked laughing at people who got speared to the ground.

(Blackrock Foundry)
Grabby hands was a great mechanism, unique to WoD. And he was one very ugly boss with his monochin.

Lots of movement and coordination, dodging glowy orbs and that swapping debuff made this fight really challenging. I probably shouldn't put this in here since it's an end boss, but I liked it more than Blackhand and Archimonde, though they were good fights too.

(Grimrail Depot)
Grimrail Depot's 2nd boss was a really cool fight with the train and the guns and the fire - it's a pain the ass to heal and I was never good at picking up the items and using them appropriately but the concept was a great one!

(Hellfire Citadel)
Who doesn't love to play hot potato? Throwing the orb around to people with the wind to stop them being blown away and then getting to have an important job like dispelling whilst holding the orb makes healing a little more interesting.

Healing a mushroom so that it will heal us and give us mana is a pretty cool mechanic from a druid's point of view, so this boss gets number 2 in my book! It also got the edge on Iskar because I forgot about the cool flamethrower mechanic too.

(Blackrock Foundry)
A boss that you have to move to different tracks to dodge trains - now that's a cool boss. This expansion had a lot of trains, I noticed! I guess we had our fill of boat fights in Cataclysm and Lich King. I love this fight and I still love doing it now.

So I'll ask what Wes asked - what are your fave bosses in WoD? Go check out his post and read his thoughts too, and I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Geez the pictures look weird on my phone compared to the computer.

    1. Yeah I think the formatting has something to do with that.
      Happens everywhere on my phone tbh lol.

  2. A great ten favorite boss countdown, and while I agree with your list, I think Brackenspore has to be my ultimate favorite over everything else for Warlords due to its unique feel to the fight and its a challenging one too, keeps everyone on their toes (especially the healers!). Its a heal-intense fight but, from a melee's point of view, although its not ideal, I got my 15 Flamethrower stack achievement as a Rogue (Burst of speed ftw). Brackenspore has always been the one boss my DPS has always excelled as melee.

    Good times. =)

    1. Oooh I need that achievement on Brackenspore. I'll have to set that up for one Thursday night.

  3. For me I think the fights I have enjoyed the most are the ones that have brought the biggest sense of achievement both personally and as a guild.

    A top 10 seems like alot of effort so I might just do a top 5!

    5. Iron Maidens - always enjoy a council fight, don't know why. But if you didn't do boats, then I can understand why people wouldn't enjoy it.

    4. Imperator Margok - always a huge sense of achievement when when the guild gets an end boss and this was no exception.

    3. Mythic Bladefist - I would have nominated Bladefist as there is some nostalgia associated with being the first boss kill for the expac, but the fact that this was our only mythic kill as a guild this expac put this one in for me. I enjoyed it as a fight as well.

    2. Archimonde - In terms of a sense of achievement, this was huge for the guild. For whatever reason this was a fight where we would have great attempts, then terrible ones. It took us a long time to finesse our strategy, but to see the kill time drop from 10 minutes for our first kill to 6:30 in our fourth week means to me that we got it right in the end,

    1. Blackhand - In WoD, no boss has been a bigger challenge to us a guild. Nights of wiping, to finally master a stage, then nights of wiping as we mastered the next stage. This holds extra significance for me, as it was my first progression boss kill this expac as tank (perhaps thats why it took so long). Blackhand was a great fight for contrasting the initial feelings that the boss was almost impossible to this boss is doable. Great to see the growth in the guild as we progressed towards the kill.

    Sorry for the wall of text


    1. I like hearing what boss people liked! And I noticed you picked all the end bosses :P

    2. I like hearing what boss people liked! And I noticed you picked all the end bosses :P


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