Guildleader Chores - Why I'm looking forward to Legion as a GM

I've been a bit distracted the last few days - every spare moment I was spending glued to the iPad binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. But now that binge is over, I can get back to normal blog writing.

Of all the things that were announced about Legion that would make my life easier as a GM, one of them stood out like a pimple on a supermodel's flawless face.

Tradeable personal loot.

"Duplicate items will now be tradeable."

Thank. The. Bloody. Earthmother. This makes me a VERY HAPPY KITTEN!

It means a lot of things to me. Firstly, that was one of the reasons that people are so against personal loot in the first place. Getting items that you don't want/need because you have them already. This at least, takes the problem of duplicates out of their hands.

That's probably ok for cloaks, rings, necks, trinkets. Probably not that great for Tier unless you have someone of that class in the raid with you. So the poor single mage in the raid has no buddy to pass their tier onto them. Not so bad however for the 4 monks that we have in our raid team.

The other thing, was whether they have the item STILL. So say you get a cloth item that's not exactly what you want, so you DE it. The next time you do that boss, it drops again. But, technically you don't have that item anymore, so you still can't trade it to someone, say the warlock, who thinks that item is great.

Now here is the second big thing. NO MORE EPGP!

In terms of administration, that's a huge relief. I still get lots of complaints about EPGP. People still think it's unfair in terms of who gets loot. People don't want to take loot, because they worry about not getting the trinket later. People don't like others donating to the guild bank "to get ahead". The criticisms for EPGP is that it doesn't take into account things like how good a player you are, or how well you play in a team. I think the whole thing is quite fair and open, but it makes looting after a boss kill SO SLOW. Personal loot makes that a whole lot faster.

Thirdly, there will be no more loot drama. Someone with more EPGP decides to take a shoulder item when they already have an item of the same ilvl, compared to someone who has a shoulder item which is 15 ilvls lower but is lower on EPGP. OR, someone with high EPGP bids on an item, that's BIS for someone else, but the item is still an upgrade for them. That kind of crappy drama drives me nuts, and though we rarely have that sort of issue, it's usually only a problem early in a new tier. Now, that problem is gone, if I go to personal looting.

So, it all points towards personal looting. I had already considered doing it for Legion, but with the knowledge of that change coming, I am REALLY going to go ahead with it in the next tier.

But of course, I have 8 months or so before I have to worry about that. But there's nothing wrong with a little ray of sunshine.


  1. They *really* want to kill ML.

    PL already drops more items than any other loot method - but from a equal gearing point of view, it didn't make sense to run it after about week 3-4 of a clear due to duplicates.

    With this change? its going to be hard. Unless you are doing split runs or something.

    re: EPGP criticisms. eh. I've ranted here before. The people who are criticising either don't understand how it works (and why pooling PR is a bad idea overall for their player power in almost all circumstances) or do and aren't really going to be happy with any system.

    In terms of a system that rewards consistent effort equally without focusing - EPGP has no equal. You're right that its a pain in the ass to manage (I have hesitated strongly about getting people to install an EPGP mod - I don't believe in forcing mods if i don't have to), but most will comment that i've handled loot pretty speedily - even whilst tanking.

    Any word if it will be available for Mythic?

    1. Most people don't understand it. You don't actually need the addon - only the masterlooter needs it - but if you want to know where you stand getting the addon will keep you in the know. Most of the complaints come from people who lack foresight and are focussed on themselves and their loot.

      No personal loot for mythic as yet!

  2. I already do personal loot, and my concern about this comes from people whining that so-and-so didn't trade a duplicate item because they wanted to DE it, or they traded it to someone who didn't need it, or held on to it for a socket while someone with something 15 levels lower could use it. I do personal loot because it's fast and (usually) drama-free. Lot sof whining that no tier or trinket dropped though.
    I've been burned by someone rolling on something on ML, getting it, then deciding they don't want it and trading it to a friend, rather than the person who was second on the roll. In the scheme of things, it's no big deal. I think I got the piece next week. But at the moment it was happening, I got REALLY annoyed. Though admittedly I was already predisposed to think of this person poorly since they lost on a loot roll once and didn’t show up the next raid night because they were pissed.
    BUT ANYWAY- I am worried that this will start to create drama in my nice, quick, casual weekend runs. Though I do admit it sounds really enticing, I want to see how it plays out. At a glance, I’m worried. In practice? May be great. People tend to not bother me with that kind of drama now. Not sure why, but I hope that doesn’t change.

    1. I guess one way of thinking of it is that it would be a disenchant anyway under the old system so any extra loot you get by being able to trade to others is a bonus. I am glad personal loot works for you though and hoping that we transition across smoothly with minimal drama.


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