Guildleader Chores - Well I can't sit here moaning I have to do SOMETHING

The doom and gloom of disgruntled WoW players is contagious. How can you keep your positivity and excitement up when EVERYONE is constantly dragging you down?

I am, of course, talking about the very LONG wait before we get an expansion in World of Warcraft.

And I am not saying that you aren't allowed to whinge. Of course you are. And I will listen to you and nod my head, and agree with you because I can understand how frustrating it is. What does Blizzard think we're going to do now with no new content to do until Legion drops? Why should we pay money for the next 10 months with nothing new to do? I am going to unsub until Legion and if they can sell it well enough then maybe I'll come back. I get it. I hear you.

It is almost as if it's the "trendy" thing to say. The go with the flow thing to say. Like when everyone says they hate the former Prime Minister Tony Abbottt, you couldn't be one of those people who would say that you actually like him because you would be met with ridicule and derision.

So let's look at me. I am a heroic raider and I have my AotC for killing Heroic Archimonde. I have finished the arena season with my 100 wins for my mount, but a lousy rating.

But I still have so many things I want to do. And one of them is having a crack at mythic.

I have said that I am not going to recruit people just so we can raid mythic. Those sorts of people tend to be vagrants - looking for a better guild to hop to and when the going gets tough, they get going. And I understand that. It's their money, their game.

I have been thinking about it since I heard what patch 6.2.3 will bring, and I decided that we will attempt do cross-realm mythic.

This begs the question - how do we do that? Do we list ourselves in group finder? Do we approach another guild?

There was an obvious solution to me, but inside I was hesitant. I did know a guild that was similar progression to ours, with whom I had some rapport already. That guild was Onineko, on Barthilas.

The GM of that guild has been a friend of mine since Pandaria. CTwin and I became friends through Challenge Modes and I have been to their raids before, and also have an alt parked in their guild. He also has an alt parked in my guild. But, do I want to jeopardize that friendship by suggesting a mythic co-op when I know the problems that can arise from any kind of guild alliance?

Pfft, surely friendship can get past those obstacles right? I mean, worrying about whose tanks are going to tank, how do we do loot, whose instructions do we follow, tensions and egos within the raid team - those aren't actually REAL problems are they?

But they are. Guildies having a relaxed atmosphere in which to raid with a bit of challenge and none of the elitist crap is what I'm looking for. I know we're not a mythic guild, but we've reached the end of heroic, so where else is there to go, right?

So, I broached the idea with Kyxyn and then later with Aimei and Sev, and there was some hesitancy and some positivity. Then I spoke to CT about it and he was open to the idea, though it would need lots of discussion. We fleshed out a few ideas, but really, what it would come down to, is whether the two groups would get along.

On Sunday night they were doing a raid and I asked Kyxyn and Aimei to come with me to their raid to see what they thought of their raid. I had already warned them that Onineko are a little more boisterous than our guild, and since Yuuda was on, I brought him along as well. It was a relaxed raid since it was farm bosses (lower floor) and so there was a bit of mucking around and brute forcing stuff, but I had fun and the others had a good time too. CT had told Onineko to be on their best behaviour which was of course a flag to say let's be really loud and worse than normal, but overall it was pleasant, and you could see that everyone got along. I envied them a bit because I wish MY raid would get along as well as that, though I admit I have a slightly tighter rein on language than they do.

I was a little embarrassed by esteemed guildies. Aimei and Kyxyn were there on their alts doing stellar DPS (cough) and also died a lot. Yuuda, who was supposed to be my showcase healer, died twice on Gorefiend. Even the priest asked if Yuuda was afk because his healing was so poor. I, of course did my usual average healing and lots of talking...

I've decided that tonight I will let everyone know my intentions for our guild direction for the next 10 months, which will be to do Heroic Archimonde on one raid day, one raid day for mythics, and one raid day for clearing out raid achievements for mounts. There were a lot of people planning to unsub, so I don't know if that will keep them or not, but I think that that at least for the rest of us who are still going to play and raid till Legion drops, it will give us something to do. I'm hopeful it will work out, and that we will keep having fun! Fingers crossed.

PS: An interesting side note which I've always laughed about is that Onineko means "demon cat". So literally we snow dogs (wolves) will be playing with hell cats. How weird is that.


  1. Good on you for looking to the future with a a positive and practical approach. I'm sure it will work out well for you all! :)

  2. While I don't mind moving forward onto Mythic, its also frustrating- I did that stuff back in Siege and I admit the challenge was tough but the gear and effort was worth it. On the topic of gear, it would be nice for us (the raiders of Frostwolves) to enhance our roles and becomes a bonus overall that'll help us with breezing Heroic each week with quite some ease.
    That said, Mythic is probably our only viable option since Warlords has basically boiled down to "raid or die" and has left folk little activities to do outside of raiding during downtime and because of this, the numbers of people have been fading. I have no doubt we have the numbers still to do Mythic but I'm worrying the idea of how stressful Mythic raiding can be will deter people.

    But my skepticism lays with teaming up with another Guild we might not actually get along with and unfolds around us poorly- As I've found, sometimes Mythic brings out the very worst in people and stress gets even worse in raids, generally discouraging people further from even wanting to participate.

    As always, a good read and I look forward to the next blog.

    1. I am sure we will all be upgrading our stuff with valour as much as we can - I also have my concerns about mythic - but if our guild sticks to the Let's just have as much fun as we can and challenge ourselves for the rest of WoD, then I think we'll at least get our challenge and raiding fix out of the long months ahead. I assure you the skepticism is noted, and I have had enough of it myself, but both guilds have an understanding and it is very important to me that we have similar goals. All I can do is be positive - and be prepared - to at least have plans for the future and also have backup plans if what I plan doesn't work. But I'm going to err on the side of optimism because even the Onineko guys seem invigorated at the thought of being able to do Mythics with a cool guild like ours :P

  3. Hi Ashenik.

    So as a guild that tried Mythic twice this xpac - you're right. Mythic *does* bring out the worst in people. But from our experiences we can pass some knowledge.

    A core issue for us - along with some bad eggs - was that we set down and told the guild that we were going to focus on progression - and those who couldn't keep up, we would either skill them up or sit them out.The reality is - like Frostwolves - we're not really people who like to tell people they are terrible. We gave people notice that they needed to improve - but never followed through when that improvement didn't come.

    So we had a situation with 3-4 people were holding us back progress wise (mechanics mostly, rather than output) - and with Mythic being more unforgiving that 10 Man heroic was in Siege - this was every bit as responsible as player infighting,

    As i said to Navi and Xyn - and again to our guys when we announced. This Mythic is about a vehicle of entertainment for the people who remained subbed - not hardcore progression. If people want a Mythic Archimonde kill, they will probably need to look elsewhere - if they want a Mythic Gorefiend kill for that matter.

    If people want to unlock Mythic caches in their shipyard (8 Mythic kills apparently) - we can probably help them.

    I have no doubt that even with that preface, stress will build and inevitably tempers will fly, but the response from the leadership of both guilds will be that of calm statements that if you want to put other players down in a hostile manner, this isn't the place - and if that's unacceptable to you, then you probably shouldn't continue to attend.

    Looking forward to raiding with you guys.



    1. You're so eloquent CT. Sometimes I forget that you can actually be kinda smart.

    2. Thats twice you've said that :)

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