#FriendshipMoose and Free Moose runs - An example of a great WoW community? Or an administrative nightmare?

A popular topic on the forums right now is Free moose runs. What is that, I hear you ask?

And there was also FriendshipMoose as well. #FriendshipMoose is a Twitter-community driven initiative to get people the Grove Warden mount from killing Archimonde on Heroic.

Now, both the ideas are great in theory and in sentiment, but there are a lot of things that can disrupt the whole charitable idea.

Firstly, I wanted to sign up to help as a healer. The sign up process is more like a movie sitting - once it's full you have to get the next session, except the next session isn't up yet for me to put my name on. And you don't know when the next session is.

If I donated my time as a healer who has experience on Heroic Archimonde, I think a sign up sheet with:
- Toon Name/Realm
- Battletag
- Class and Role (Tank, Heal, RDPS, MDPS)
- Available times to assist

And leave it at that. Potentially, if there were people who were planning a run and looking for people who can help (because you probably can only "carry" 4 people in a 20 man if everyone else is geared enough) they could go through the list of available people and ask them if they'd like to help.

Secondly, you'd hope that there would be some way to ensure that everyone - the person that is getting into the group as well as those who are doing the run - has a good time. You would hate to be the one carrying someone who was ungrateful and unpleasant, or be on the one being carried and being harrassed and belittled. Perhaps a rating system?

Open raid is a good way to organise all this stuff. The infrastructure is already there to set up runs and give ratings. I'm surprised they don't use Open raid as the raid organiser and just use the websites, Facebook and Twitter to promote the Free Moose runs.

Also, I'd hope that those trying to get in on their free moose will be patient. There will be a lot more people wanting to get their mount than those who want to help. I'd hate to see people angry and frustrated because they got their hopes up and were dashed.

I think that a paid run puts less stress on - because in a paid run there is little expectation that you would be able to do anything (ie a full carry/dead weight) and you don't feel as bad being a bad player because you did pay for it in gold.

Runs on our server are going for 50k gold. I think it's similar on other servers.

I hope everyone who wants a moose can get one. I wish that such a great mount wasn't put as a drop from heroic Archimonde - this would have been better kept at the store, or even attached to some world achievements. A better Archimonde mount would probably be something like the Fel wolf that the reward for the HFC meta-achievement - or a mechanical mount, like a rideable Fel Cannon or something. But, it is what it is!


  1. So I started writing a comment here and, true to my nature, I rambled on long enough it became it's own post.

    I think you may really good points about those getting carried being patient and appreciative. Whether paying for a carry or getting a totally free one (especially on that one) gratitude is vitally important. I hope that those doing the carries are not taken advantage of or abused. The rating system sounds like a good idea.

    1. may really good points = made really good points.

      Oh, to be able to edit. Or just get it right the first time.

    2. That was a good post you wrote there Casually Odd, had a squizz.


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