Blizzcon tomorrow, thoughts on next year, and September release of Legion

I'm not even at Blizzcon and I'm excited about it - I am looking forward to getting up early tomorrow so I can watch it all on my virtual ticket!

There will be movie trailer stuff in the opening ceremony, I'm sure, and then after that I'll have to pick and choose about what I want to watch. I am also working tomorrow afternoon so that means I will miss a little bit, but maybe I can stream some stuff on my phone. I can see what they're going to say about Legion. And I'm very excited that Linkin Park will be playing at Blizzcon's closing ceremony - I was thrilled with Metallica last year and this year they had Linkin Park which is also super exciting. I wonder who they will have next year? How can they top that!

All this talk of Blizzcon got me thinking about next year.  And so I have decided that next year I will go to Blizzcon!

I even got my guildies excited about it. So far 4 of them have decided they would like to come. I hope that I can secure tickets for us all - I know it's super hard trying to actually GET tickets. But fingers crossed that I can actually get some.

One other thing I considered was some sort of cosplay. So I will definitely don something for next year's Blizzcon, something tasteful hopefully! The extent to which I do it will depend on how much time I have, I suppose!

I was looking at the store, and like always, I have a bit of Blizzcon fever. There are some cute things in the store that I would like to buy!  I do like the singlets, and the plushies, and that Diablo heat changing mug is rather cool!

I saw everyone was getting excited collecting those Blizzcon pins. OMG, more things to collect, I'd better not get my hands of them or I'd get obsessed.

The big news that broke today was that Legion will be released on or before 21 September 2016.

There has been a lot of commentary about that. A possible 10 months of no new raids or new content - how many people are going to unsub from game when that happens? There are a lot of grouchy WoW players out there and if guilds were about to keel over - well this is the time that it would happen.

The release could be earlier. WoD had a Christmas or earlier release date and it came out in November. Blizzard always likes to put a "latest date" on their releases, so we at least know that by that time we will have a game to play.

I imagine there are many unsubs coming. I am not afraid of a guild collapse or anything like that - just because we don't raid it's not the end of the guild - but there will be a LOT of people who won't be raiding. I am just looking forward to xrealm Mythics, and hopefully hooking up with some friends so we can still raid a bit until Legion.

But, Blizzcon is distracting everyone and everyone will be excited about that. Though I would hate to be there for Q&A Legion and see how many disgruntled players will be whinging about the lack of new content for the next many months!

So for those who have virtual tickets - what are you excited for at Blizzcon, if anything?


  1. I look forward to you reporting from Blizzcon next year! I can't wait for the trailer, didn't really need a virtual ticket for that but it is what I'm looking forward to the most. Other than that I'll just catch all the panels.

    1. We need virtual ticket for cute pets :D


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