We get Terky! But does that mean they're going to put Tyrael out there somewhere too??

On the weekend Wowhead reported that Terky was now live and when I logged in on Sunday I was inundated with tells from my pet friends Jazeel and also Yuuda telling me to go get my Terky.

Terky was previously only available with an iCoke Taiwan promotion.  It was one of those pets that nobody on US/EU servers could get.

Both of them tried to tell me where it was, and I thought OK, it's that island at the bottom of Borean Tundra.  I can do that.

When I got to the point, I shouldn't have worried, there were people all around the area, floating on the sea or hovering on their mounts in the air.

I dived under the water to see if I could see this cave they were talking about.  Both Yuuda and Jaz told me it was hard to see, but I found it quite quickly.  Cymre has a good video on finding it. It kinda helped that there was a ton of people floating around in the water around the area, though not sure if they were AFK or something. But you can see there are some weeds and a broken pillar near the entrance of it.

When I got inside. there were tons of people inside.  Why were they standing around?  The egg was over on the ground and easily clickable (you can see it there on my left - white with blue spots), and didn't seem to be on a spawn timer.  Fortunately nobody was being a troll and sitting on it or putting some other stupid item on top of it.

So I got my egg and my pet, and I'm pleased as punch.  That brings my unique pet collection up to 746!

So it makes me wonder - what other pets are they going to make obtainable now? They used recruit-a-friend to get some of the other pets that were strange overseas promotions (Zipao tiger, Golden Pig, Silver Pig, Jade Tiger).  Does that mean soon they will make a Mini-Tyrael pet you can pick off the ground from somewhere? The thought of it does horrify me considering how much it costs to buy the card! The market for that card would drop a lot if that was the case!


  1. Oh hey, thanks for linking the video. :)
    I don't see them changing Tyrael since Terky was pretty unique so you can be content with your purchases.

    1. IN 10 years time when they put it somewhere in game I can see everyone laughing at me.

  2. There are other region only or promo pets - there was a Mountain Dew one for example and some for China. There's no reason not to introduce these - especially as outside of the market there was no way at all to earn the pet, and none were for cash/buying expensice CE games.

    1. I suppose they wouldn't do it for the Blizzcon only pets, so they probably wouldn't do it for Tyrael. But, the thought is kinda sobering... and I can imagine everyone laughing at me for spending money on these things.

  3. I favorite all my murloc so I have them running around my garrison. Terky is a fine addition to the family.

    Thanks for posting this, I am sure it will help a lot of people find it. Took me a while because I was, foolishly, looking in the wrong place.

    I hope they start adding the other ones as time goes on. Would be nice to have a chance to get them.

    1. I'm glad it helped. It's a great addition to the murloc family collection and I'm glad they put it in. Makes me wonder which pet will be popping up next!


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