So I gave in and built a Barn in my Garrison

So it's the end of the expansion and I still did not have my Pygmy Cow because I couldn't be bothered to build my garrison on my alt, and was being stubbornly resistant to building the barn on my druid because of my warped sense of morality - as in trapping fellow brother and sister beasts for their fur and meat. On a druid it just felt wrong - as I employ their forms as part of my druid's abilities - but if I was on my warlock alt I was totally fine with that. After all, sucking other people's souls to get magic abilities is fine with her, so skinning a few animals and slaughtering a few others isn't much of a drama.

So I was faced with this tiny dilemma - level my alt, or do it on my druid.

I started on my warlock.  I built the barn and looked around on the ground - no milk. I had read that you could destroy the barn and make it again to see if the milk spawns - some people said they had success with that after 4 or 5 goes - so I tried doing that.

No luck after the third rebuild. So it looks like I would have to start it on my druid after all.

So I thought I'd try two rebuilds and see if there was milk - no, there was no cup of milk on the ground. So I then went on the laborious task of getting the barn up to Level 3 - just waiting for the 50 work orders to kick in. And then, I guess it's just a matter of sitting down waiting for that milk to appear. Is it there all the time? Do I have to check daily? I saw lots of people writing about elaborate ways to get up into the top level of the barn to get the milk, but with flying now readily available all those things are moot. What if I sit there for days and STILL don't get my Pygmy cow?

I miss my Auction house already. Yes, yes, I know that it's just one simple portal away to Warspear, but it was nice running around from my bank in the garrison to the Auction House. Perhaps I like the garrison more than I thought.

Come on Pygmy Cow. I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

However, I am still really, REALLY, REALLY against building a lumber mill in Navimie's Garrison. That's definitely something for Minndy to finish off. Once I change her barn back into a lumber mill again.


  1. I hate to mention this almost.... but the level 3 barn comes from 125 traps, not 50.

    And yeah, you can just check the second floor of the barn once a day for the pygmy cow. That's what I did, I think it showed up after a day.

    1. Phil... that has just totally RUINED my day! 125 traps??
      But on the plus side, I can keep checking my barn daily for the pygmy cow. OK. I can do that.
      Holy cow pat, 125 traps....

  2. Hi Navi - what's the thing about the 2nd floor of the barn? I've read comments about that in a couple of places, but my wife and I both found the milk on a shelf on the ground floor - nothing to do with the second floor. Does it appear in different places? The object didn't sparkle, but I just moused around till I got the cogwheel pointer, and there it was, on the top of a shelf.

    1. Hey Thero I haven't seen any milk yet. .. I hope it turns up soon!


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