Raiding - So that first Archi kill wasn't a fluke, thank goodness!

It was nice to kill heroic Archimonde again on Monday, and it was a pretty clean kill. Only 2 wipes and this time we had 16 people (though really it was 15 because Crooked had some lag issues and d/c'd in the fire and remained dead for the whole fight). Two conquerer trinkets dropped which went to Rag and Sev. Boots were taken by Dan.

Since my mana regen has started being better, I started using NV instead of Dream of Cenarius and found that my damage has gone up (and amusingly, gives me high percentiles on Warcraft logs for DPS in my spec - obviously not many resto druids are using NV or doing much damage). I am enjoying trying it since I can't ever catch up to Rag in healing because he just leaves me in the dust. Yuuda has reminded me that I should be boosting my healing with more swiftmend/wild growth which I have been very lazy with.

We also did Tyrant and Xhul, and the Xhul kill was probably the cleanest kill we have done.  Adds went down nicely, no shitty fire placements, and nobody blew up the wrong things.  A really pleasant raid week indeed!

Now, the question is, do we still need to do normal Archimonde twice a week if we're killing Archi on heroic every week? I suspect that the answer is NO and in that case, perhaps we can drop the Sunday raid and make the Thursday raid the alt raid/normal Archi since our turnouts are abyssmally low on a Thursday. It really does seem like Wednesday/Monday are our best raid turnout days.

I think if we do that, then it will make Sunday free for everyone which is great. I guess that means that trials will have to come along to normal Manny/Arch on Thursday, which might be good for them I suppose (if they get loot or their first kill) but I don't particularly want to be carrying people who are coming along for a free kill and then skiving off without a word. People like that I wouldn't want in the guild anyway so it might be a good filter.

I am not sure that people are interested enough in their alts to want to bring them to normal Manny/Archi. I am hoping that some people will. All we need is 10 people and we can still raid. I suppose the alternative is to PuG but nobody in the guild would like to play with randoms.

On Sunday we just did normal Manny and Arch and then called it due to lack of interest. Deidrea came for the first time and his healing was dreadful (but not unexpected for his ilvl) but when you look at logs he actually wasn't that bad. Maybe with a bit of work (ok maybe a lot) we might have a replacement for Rag.  But that's just me being hopeful. A duo that were going to trial also didn't turn up (though they turned up at exactly 10pm thinking that it was 9pm so obviously they were not on daylight savings time - I encouraged them to come next week, though I'm not sure we will have a raid next weekend).

Next expansion if Luxy returns then I will ask her to heal because it seems that lack of heals is an ongoing thing this expansion, despite everyone else's best intentions to heal!


  1. Hi Navi, congrats on the Archy kill - my guild has got through normal, but we're stalling around Soc / Xhul on heroic, and there seems to be a plague of loss of interest sweeping in - less and less people turning up... Ah well, hopefully things will turn around for us...
    I think we might have the opposite problem to you when it comes to alts - more people seem interested in farming runs for gear for alts than progression runs for mains.

    1. Hey Thero thanks for dropping by! If you were Horde I would happily drop in and help with numbers since our raiding has dropped right off and I am left with lots of free time. I hope your numbers pick up - it is disheartening when you want to get something yet not everyone is on the same page.


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