Raiding - The inevitable wane of interest

Now that the goal of our guild has been achieved (which is the downing on Archi on heroic) there was a definite decline in raiding numbers on Wednesday.  None of the regular hunters came, and Nok, Bish and Duck had to drop from raid at varying times for varying reasons. Dan was still at Uni. Very threadbare indeed. Quad had come to the conclusion that playing mage wasn't as good as playing his hunter so he has decided to finish the rest of the tier on his hunter.

Our Mannoroth kill was messy, to say the least. We even wiped 2 times with people dying at strange times. On the kill attempt, we had 2 healers die in Phase 3 (Rag and Bish) and I was healing on my own.  Everyone was dangerously low, I was struggling to keep everyone up and even a tranq wasn't enough.  Aimei had died as well and we had 8 million to go and I was going to rez Rag but ended up getting Aimei up instead.  Not long after that Kyxyn died and there was hardly anyone left to kill Manny, but we managed to just scrape it with more than half the raid dead. Phew! This did not bode well for Archimonde. We were already borderline with 13 people trying to do Archimonde and we had some pathetic first few attempts and then one decent attempt. Yuuda said that if we made no mistakes, we could do it.  However, when we dropped to 12 we knew we couldn't get a kill with that, so we just went back and did the second level bosses instead.

So we got all of them down except Xhul. I was happy because I got my heroic warforged weapon off Zakuun! Thanks Yuuda for passing! I wonder if we will be able to do Xhul tonight. We will not have any hunters (Thursday is a bad day - lots of people late to raid and some can't make the raid) so it will be tight. I have wondered if we should PuG in some people but really, what's the fun of that - I like playing with my guild, not a bunch of random people.

Now interestingly on Thursday (which is typically our worst raid attendance day), Ultra, Owl and Aza turned up to raid.  We were doing normal Manny and Archi and then doing stuff with alts in 1st level heroics, so it was a bit flaky (and of course my DPS was dreadful so I went back to healing because they were struggling on Assault).

We had a long chat with them after the raid to find out what their intentions were, and they seemed keen to raid. Kyxyn is hoping that we are looking at a change overall in the attitudes with raiding, so with three extra ranged we will be able to do Archi again.  The more people, the better it will be.


  1. Hey Navi, I'm working on my alt hunter :-) He's mid 670's atm. Hopefully will be HFC raid ready soon-ish.

    1. Yay then you can come hang out on Sundays :)


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