Raiding - Archimonde almost and unwanted drama

We decided that we would NOT do normal Manny and Archi on Wednesday because Wednesday is our best raid turnout day, and instead we focussed on heroic Archimonde.

Danleet messaged me asking what we were doing and I said we are doing Mannoroth heroic, so hurry up! He was going to be late so he was rushing home and I said that I would "accidentally" cause a wipe or two whilst he hurried home. We also had our new DK, Roflchops, coming along tonight.

Turns out I didn't have to do it, the tanks did it all by themselves.

First attempt Kyxyn got knocked off the platform. Second attempt Aimei got knocked off the platform.  The Felseeker was too close to the tanks and punted them off, so everyone had to be reminded to be on the BACK leg.

By this time Dan got on and we got going and had our best, cleanest and fastest attempt on Mannoroth.  That was quite good. AND I got some gear! I got the tier chest (sorry Dan!) and I rolled heroic warforged Thumping Demonheart Fetish, so I was thrilled to bits.

Then we went to Archi and overall the night felt better than previous nights. We had a 3% wipe but it felt a lot better in terms of overall execution and plan. I don't know if it was because we had more the 15 in the raid, but it just felt more controlled.

Unfortunately the great raiding was ruined by guild drama with one of our raid members unleashing abuse on another. We were all very unhappy with what happened, and a warning was given, but I am particularly disappointed because I emphasised with the new members that we have a nice raiding environment and THIS was not nice. What could I have done to prevent this happening? Should I have given warnings earlier? All this weighed on my mind as we discussed with the culprits what had occurred and then the officers had a big discussion on what should happen in the future.  An action plan was sorted out and we agreed to stick to it. But in truth my heart is heavy thinking about it - not enough to make my real life miserable, it's just something for me to have my thoughts dwelling on (which would otherwise have been occupied with birthday cakes and food for my son's birthday this weekend) - and I am ashamed that a bad example has been set for our new members.

But! I have new shiny clothes to play with so that cheered me up. And of course, thanks to Crooked, I have some retail therapy as well. What did I buy? Well... the newest plushie is out! #IfoundPepe


  1. Meh .. I hate drama. I play WoW to unwind and have fun .. having to deal with fully grown adults who suddenly seem to turn into 5 year olds just annoys me. I'd been lucky for a number of years to have had next to no drama in guild, but we had a sudden burst of it fairly recently and it just isn't funny. The people who cause it just seem to move on afterwards as if nothing ever happened, but it sticks with me .. not least because there is that feeling there is a semi-permanent scar on the guild, it's reputation and on me, that could potentially affect how new (and potentially new) guild members see us.

    The only positive I can take out of it is that, because they appear to feel no remorse for what they did, they're proving the point that they're not worth the time invested in worrying about it, hence justifying any action (be it a swift talking to or a removal from the guild) you may take.

    Anyhoo ... as far as Pepe is concerned .. he's GORGEOUS!! I love that little guy ;-)

    1. I know exactly how you feel and as GM I feel like my reputation and credibility is on the line as well when your guild fails to perform in a behaviour you deem fit. Like you, drama like that is few and far between and we have a low turnover too - we're not a heavy progress guild because those places have high turnover. And I can't wait to get my Pepe! :D

  2. 3% is sweet, you are a hop, skip and a jump from getting it now.

    I've found that with more people things are easier for sure. Last night we did our normal archie kill and even dragged alone a new tank that never did it and 3 new dps that never did it. We had a large group, even if not all were good players. We had a great turnout with 15 people and added those 4 and I will say it had to be the easiest I ever saw the boss go down (with the most people we ever had for it). Even with a tank that had never made one pull on it and didn't even watch the video. Just giving verbal cues as we went along. Moral of the story, more people makes things easier with flex.

    Sorry to hear about the drama. That can really ruin a good night fast. Sucks that new people were there. I try to be very proactive with my raiders to stop it before it starts. I tend to whisper a lot when I know something is getting to them, something like "Just let me handle it, I saw that too." so you don't get that one person who is getting frustrated that Bob keeps screwing up lashing out in raid.

    Sometimes, okay most times, it makes me out to be the bad guy and the person I whispered ends up hating me. But they either 1) clean up their game or 2) make an excuse why they need to leave, and the other person never says something they will regret that might ruin the night.

    It is one of those little things about being a raid leader that people on the outside never know, and never need to know. The idea is to know your people and know what gets under their skin and then earn their trust so when you tell them to let you handle it, they do let you handle it.

    Hope the drama did not adversely effect any of the new people and they stick around for you. You are really close and I am sure having them around will help.

    1. We actually do have that in place - people are supposed to whisper me or the officers and we deal with the problem. Obviously not something that had to be used much because we have all been together for ages now, but the times that it has been used lately is when we have tunnellers and people not gemmed or not enchanted and they tell us so we can tell the noted person. The new guys seem ok and will stick around but it just was not a nice thing to be exposed to and I don't feel it was very Frostwolves-like. But, hopefully we will get this kill eventually!


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